Name Deendayal
Meaning One who has mercy for poor, Kind to the poor
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 8
Length 5
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Deendayal Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Deendayal, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Deendayal means One who has mercy for poor, Kind to the poor. By naming your child Deendayal, you can give a new direction to his/her life. For this reason also, before naming the child, its meaning should be known. After knowing the meaning of the name Deendayal, you can easily name your child Deendayal. According to some social concepts, the meaning of the name Deendayal is related to the personality of the person, that is, if the meaning of the name Deendayal is then it will be reflected in your personality also. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and One who has mercy for poor, Kind to the poor of the name Deendayal are explained in detail.

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Deendayal's Lucky Number

If your name is Deendayal, then your ruling planet is Jupiter and your lucky number is 3. People with the name Deendayal are attractive. If they work hard they can achieve a lot of popularity. People with the name Deendayal do not shy away from responsibilities. People named Deendayal live their lives by following rules, principles, and discipline. People with the name Deendayal have a lot of enemies because they are stubborn and obstinate by nature. They have very few friends in their life. Their health remains good but they are at risk of diabetes.

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Deendayal Personality

The zodiac sign of the name Deendayal is Pisces. They have a deep inclination towards spirituality. People with the name Deendayal keep trying to achieve their spiritual peace. People with the name Deendayal have a calm mind. They do not like any kind of disturbance. People named Deendayal stay away from conflicts and disputes. People named Deendayal want their ideas should get due respect.

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Deendayal's zodiac Pisces Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Dolon Scent of a beautiful white flower Hindu
Donika Hindu
Doondi Hindu
Dooshanatrishirohantre Slayer of dooshanatrishira Hindu
Dora Hindu
Dorothy Gift of God Hindu
Doshana Hindu
Dousik Intelligent Hindu
Doyel A singing bird Hindu
Drakshayini Hindu
Drashtaa One who sees Hindu
Drashti Sight Hindu
Drasthi Inescapable, Not running away Hindu
Draupadi Daughter of the king Drupada, Consort of Pandavas (Wife of five Pandavas; daughter of Drupad, king of Panchala.) Hindu
Dravid Wealthy, Landlord Hindu
Dravie Hindu
Dravya Liquid Hindu
Dray Fabric markar, Cloth merchant, Play, Sport, Essence, Practical, Wealthy Hindu
Dreshal Son of Lord Hindu
Dridhahastha One of the kauravas Hindu
Dridhakshathra One of the kauravas Hindu
Dridhasandha One of the kauravas Hindu
Dridhavarma One of the kauravas Hindu
Drisana (Daughter of the Sun) Hindu
Drish Sight Hindu
Drisha Mountain Lord Hindu
Drishani (Daughter of the Sun) Hindu
Drishit Signs Hindu
Drishnu Bold, Courageous Hindu
Drishtee Eye sight Hindu
Drishti Eye sight Hindu
Drishy Sight Hindu
Drishya Sight Hindu
Drishyana Hindu
Drisna (Daughter of the Sun) Hindu
Dristi Eye sight Hindu
Drithi Patience, Bold Hindu
Driti Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue Hindu
Dritik Hindu
Driya Destroyer of poverty, Patience Hindu
Dron Prominent Mahabharata character, Guide, Saviour, Learned sage and teacher from the Mahabharata Hindu
Drona The teacher Drona, Guide, Saviour Hindu
Dronacharya Hindu
Droneshwar Dronacharya & Lord Shiva Hindu
Droupath Hindu
Drumi A tree Hindu
Drupad A king, Firm footed (Father of Draupadi) Hindu
Drusty Hindu
Druthi Softened Hindu
Druti Softened Hindu