Baby Names

In the realm of religion, a customary practice exists where the naming of a baby takes place long before the actual birth. Within this religious tradition, names are chosen with great thoughtfulness, bearing significant meanings. Within this religious practice, the naming of a child, regardless of their gender, follows a special process that involves selecting a name of profound significance. A person's name plays a pivotal role in shaping their identity. Within the context of this religion, the primary purpose of the naming process for both genders is to bestow upon them a distinct identity. This belief stems from the notion that a girl's and a woman's name has a profound influence on her entire life. It's not only in India but also in numerous countries worldwide that people of this faith hold the naming process in high regard. This religious belief emphasizes that a name should not only be good but also bear an auspicious meaning, as it is closely linked to the society's honor. According to religious beliefs, a person's personality is believed to be influenced by their name. This implies that the characteristics of an individual, such as how they treat others and the tone of their speech, are all reflected in their name. In many religious traditions, the naming of a baby takes place shortly after birth. Most parents aspire to give a meaningful name to their child, as they believe that the name can shape the child's future and nature. Success in life is also thought to be influenced by one's name. In various religious communities, there is a strong emphasis on ensuring that a child, especially a daughter, becomes a successful individual. To achieve this, parents often choose names for their child that carry deep and inspiring meanings associated with success.

Muslim girl names with meanings

Name Meaning
Adelmira Exalted
Adeeva Pleasant, Gentle
Adeena Pious, Good luck, Slender
Adeelah Just
Adeela Equal, Just, Honest
Adeeba A literary person, Cultured, Civilized
Adawiyah Summer plant
Adara Virgin
Ada Beauty
Huda Right guidance
Huboor Happiness
Hubba (Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al adwaniyah)
Hubayshah Poetess
Hoyam Passionate Love
Houri Fairy
Hormat Honor
Horia Angel
Hoorulain The most beautiful Hur with
Hooriyah Hoor of heaven, A Houri, Virgin of paradise
Hooriya Angel, Houri, Nymph
Hooria Angel of heaven
Hoor Virgins of paradise
Hodan Guidance
Hoda Wealth
Hiza Beauty, Lucky
Hiyam Love
Hishma Companion of prophet Muhammad, Generous
Hirah Mount Hirah, Named after the mountain where the holy Quran was delivered to prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
Hindah (Wife of abu Sufyan)
Hind India, Female deer
Hilwana Lovely, Beautiful
Hila Hope, Moonlight
Hikmat Wisdom
Hijrah The journey the prophet mohammad (Pbuh) made from mecca to madinah
Hijab (Daughter of a scholar from baghdad)
Hifza Protective Angel
Hidiyah As one
Hidayati Light
Hidayah Guidance
Hibbah Gift of God
Hibba Gift from Allah
Hiba Gift
Heyam One of the many levels, Degrees of Love
Hessa Destiny
Helba Strong
Helai Swan
Heela Hope, Moonlight
Heba Gift
Hazirah Wise, Clean
Hazira Joy, Love, Beauty, Intelligent, Wise
Haziqah Clever, Intelligent, Beautiful
Haziqa Clever, Shrewd
Hazimah Female companion of the prophet
Hazima Firm, Energetic, Judicious
Hazeerah Wise, Clean
Hazeena Autumn, Treasure, Forever
Hayud A mountain
Hayrah A narrator of Hadith
Hayfa Slender, Of beautiful body
Hayed Movement, Motion
Hayat Life
Hayam Deliriously in Love
Hayah Life
Hayaam Deliriously in Love
Haya Modesty
Hawwa Eve
Hawra Having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white
Hawla Intelligent
Hawiya Dominant
Hawazin Name of An Arabic tribe
Hawadah Pleasant
Hatima Generous
Hassana Most beautiful woman
Hasnat Virtues
Hasna Pretty or beautiful or laughing
Hasinah Pretty, Beautiful
Hasifa Judicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasibah Respected, Noble
Hasiba Highborn, Respected, Noble
Hashna Pretty or beautiful or laughing
Haseena Pretty, Beautiful
Haseen Beautiful, Handsome
Haseeba Highborn, Respected, Noble
Hasana Good deed, Kind act, Favor
Haroona Protector, Messenger
Harisa Cultivator, Lioness, Happiness
Hareer Silk, Silken cloth Ibn al-s
Hanoona Compassionate, Fem of hanun
Hanoon Compassionate, Merciful
Hannah Affection
Hanna Compassion, Sympathy, Pity
Haniyah Pleasant
Haniya Pleased, Happy
Hanifa True believer, Pure Muslim
Haniah Pleasant, Agreeable
Hania Happy, Delighted
Hanfa Name of the a of Sayyidina Ismail
Abra Example, Lesson

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