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The zodiac sign of Capricorn holds special significance in the life of Boy. One's personality and characteristics can be discerned through their Capricorn zodiac sign. Boy can gain insights into various aspects of their life, including love, career, and other areas, by understanding their zodiac sign. In astrology, specific features and flaws are associated with each zodiac sign. By identifying their zodiac sign, Boy can learn more about how their nature relates to their Capricorn zodiac sign, as well as their inclinations towards love and trust. How successful a person will be in their life, in which field they will succeed, and when they might face failures can all be indicated by their zodiac sign. If your zodiac sign is Capricorn, many mysterious aspects of your nature can be revealed through it. Every individual aspires to pursue a career of their choice. However, at times, even after putting in significant effort, achieving one's dreams can prove challenging. This difficulty may be related to your Capricorn zodiac sign. In such circumstances, your zodiac sign can help you determine the most suitable area for your career and identify the potential obstacles you may encounter despite working in a particular field. The zodiac sign of Boy represents their characteristics in family and married life, how they navigate all relationships, and their resilience in life, among other aspects. The ruling planet of each zodiac sign plays a significant role in shaping the future of individuals born under that sign. The nature of the Capricorn zodiac sign can be understood by examining the characteristics of its ruling planet. If the ruling planet is associated with anger, it may influence a more temperamental nature, whereas a calm ruling planet can contribute to a softer temperament. Consequently, the nature of Capricorn zodiac sign for Boy is closely linked to the influence of their ruling planet.

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Boy names of Capricorn with meanings

Name Meaning Religion
Khushvendra Hindu
Khushkaran Hindu
Khushil Happy, Pleasant Hindu
Khushhal Happy, Prosperous Hindu
Khusheel Happy, Pleasant Hindu
Khushant Happy Hindu
Khushal Happy, Prosperous Hindu
Khushaansh Khushi ka Ansh Hindu
Khush Happy Hindu
Khusal Happy Hindu
Khundmir Hindu
Khsitij Horizon Hindu
Khrishang Lord Shiva, Slender, Epithet for Shiva Hindu
Khounish Hindu
Khosal Hindu
Khileshwar Supreme being Hindu
Khilesh Hindu
Khian King of terror Hindu
Khemraj Happy kingdom, Lord Shiva Hindu
Khemprakash Welfare Hindu
Khemchand Welfare Hindu
Khem Welfare Hindu
Khee Lord venkateswara Hindu
Khazana Treasure Hindu
Khavish King of poets, Other name of Lord Ganesh Hindu
Khatvik Hindu
Khatvangin One who has the missile Khatvangin in his hand Hindu
Khathiravan The Sun Hindu
Khasam In the air, A Buddha Hindu
Kharbanda The Moon Hindu
Kharadhwamsine Slayer of demon khara Hindu
Khar (Brother of Ravana and Shurpanakha) Hindu
Khanjan Dimple of cheeks Hindu
Khanish Lovely Hindu
Khanaam Princess, Noble woman Hindu
Khamish Alias name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Khalipha All rounder Hindu
Khajit Lord Buddha, A kind of Buddha, Conquering heaven Hindu
Khagesh King of birds, Eagle Garuda Hindu
Khagendra Lord of the birds Hindu
Khadir Heavenly celestial or Moon, The acacia tree, The Moon, Another name for Indra Hindu
Jyran Lost Love Hindu
Jyotishya Hindu
Jyotish Light of the Sun, Astrologer, Luminous or bright or glowing Hindu
Jyotis Light of the Sun, Astrologer, Luminous or bright or glowing Hindu
Jyotirmoy Lustrous Hindu
Jyotirmaya Imbued with light Hindu
Jyotirdhar One who holds the flame, The Sun Hindu
Jyotiranjan Happy, Joyous, Flame Hindu
Jyotiraditya The resplendence of the Sun, Lord Krishna Hindu
Jyotiraaditya The resplendence of the Sun, Lord Krishna Hindu
Jyotiprakash Splendor of the flame Hindu
Jyotindra Lord of life Hindu
Jyotik With a flame, Brilliant Hindu
Jyotichandra Splendor Hindu
Jyothiswaroop Hindu
Jyothishkar A kind of flower Hindu
Jyothish Light of the Sun, Astrologer, Luminous or bright or glowing Hindu
Jyothis Light of the Sun, Astrologer, Luminous or bright or glowing Hindu
Jyothirdhar One who holds the flame, The Sun Hindu
Jyothiranjan Happy, Joyous, Flame Hindu
Jyothir The resplendence of the Sun Hindu
Jyotheswaran Hindu
Jyotesh Lord who gives light, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Jyot Brilliant Hindu
Jyesh Victor Hindu
Jyanshu Name of Lord Hanuman Hindu
Jwalit Jwalit Hindu
Jwalia Lord Shiva, Jwaila means flames Hindu
Jwalaprasad Gift of flame Hindu
Jwalanth Luminous Hindu
Jwalant Luminous Hindu
Jwalan Fire Hindu
Juvas Quickness, Swiftness Hindu
Jusht Amiable, Happy, Auspicious, Worshipped Hindu
Jushk Lover, Religious, Worthy Hindu
Jusal Pari fairy Hindu
Jujhar One who struggles Hindu
Juhith Brightness, Jasmine flower Hindu
Juhit Brightness, Jasmine flower Hindu
Jugnu A firefly, Ornament Hindu
Jugal Couple, Pair Hindu
Jubin Honorable, Righteous Hindu
Joydeep Victory light Hindu
Joyab Hindu
Joy Happiness, Pleasure Hindu
Jovils Hindu
Jothiraj King of light, Fire Hindu
Joshva Funny Hindu
Joshua God is salvation Hindu
Joshnav Hindu
Joshith Pleased, Delighted Hindu
Joshit Pleased, Delighted Hindu
Joshila Filled with enthusiasm Hindu
Joshi Lord Vishnu, Light bringer or reflect light like Sun Hindu
Josh Satisfaction, Approval, Zeal, Passion, A bud, Heat, Lust Hindu
Jonty God has given Hindu
Jokith Hindu
Johnny Variant of John or abbreviation of jonathan God has been gracious: has shown favor Hindu
John God has been gracious: has shown favor in the bible John the baptist baptized christ in the jordan Hindu