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If the zodiac sign of Boy is Taurus, then its influence is also noticeable in their life. The nature of Boy is reflected in their zodiac sign, i.e., the Taurus zodiac. Boy chooses their career or business path based on this zodiac sign, providing insights into the Taurus zodiac. You can also learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your zodiac sign, as astrology reveals characteristics for all zodiac signs. Using the zodiac, one can determine how well Boy's nature aligns with their zodiac sign and the level of trust and affection they hold. How successful a person will be in their life, in which field they will succeed, and when they might face failures can all be indicated by their zodiac sign. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, many mysterious aspects of your nature can be revealed through it. Every individual aspires to pursue a career of their choice. However, at times, even after putting in significant effort, achieving one's dreams can prove challenging. This difficulty may be related to your Taurus zodiac sign. In such circumstances, your zodiac sign can help you determine the most suitable area for your career and identify the potential obstacles you may encounter despite working in a particular field. Based on your zodiac sign, you can gain insights into various aspects of your life. These include the quality of your married life, the extent of your family's support, your approach to relationships, and whether you are inherently hardworking or tend toward laziness. Many similar questions about your personality can find their answers within the realm of astrology. If you wish to understand your nature better, start by identifying the ruling planet or lord of your zodiac sign (Rashi). A deep study of the zodiac's ruling planet can provide valuable insights into your personality. Essentially, each zodiac sign has its ruling planet. If the nature of the ruling planet of a zodiac sign is assertive, then the individual associated with that sign is likely to possess an assertive nature as well. Conversely, if the ruling planet of a zodiac sign is gentle, the individual connected to that sign is likely to exhibit a calm and gentle demeanor.

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Boy names of Taurus with meanings

Name Meaning Religion
Bunty Hindu
Bulesh Great Hindu
Bukka Heart, Loving, Sincere Hindu
Budhil Learned Hindu
Budhadev Lord Sri Buddha Hindu
Buddhividhata God of knowledge Hindu
Buddhipriya Knowledge bestower Hindu
Buddhinath God of wisdom Hindu
Buddhipriya Knowledge bestower Hindu
Buddhadeva Gautama Buddha Hindu
Buddhadev Wise person Hindu
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha, Enlightened, The title first used for Prince Gautam who was the founder of the buddhist religion Hindu
Briyaan High hill Hindu
Brirar Without pain Hindu
Brijraj The one who rules the nature Hindu
Brijnandan Lord Krishna, Of vrindavan Hindu
Brijmohan Lord Krishna, Vraj - vrindavan, Mohan - attractive Hindu
Brijesh God of the land of Brij Hindu
Brijendra Lord of Brij, Lord Krishna Hindu
Brijmohan Lord Krishna, Vraj - vrindavan, Mohan - attractive Hindu
Brij Place of Lord Krishna, Strength, To twist, To leave Hindu
Brihatmantra Son of sage Agniras Hindu
Brihatman Son of sage Agniras Hindu
Brihatkirti Son of Agniras Hindu
Brihatjyothi Son of Agniras Hindu
Brihatbrahma Son of sage Agniras Hindu
Brihatbhasha Son of sage Agniras Hindu
Brihat Compact, Massive, Widespread, Great, Large, Mighty, Powerful, Bright, Clear, Name of Lord Vishnu, Loud Hindu
Brihaspati Teacher of devas, Jupiter, Guru planet Hindu
Brihaspathi Teacher of devas, Jupiter, Guru planet Hindu
Brihadeesh Lord Shiva, The mighty God brihath - mighty + Esh - God) Hindu
Brent Hill top Hindu
Bratish Pray of God Hindu
Bratindra Devoted to right deeds Hindu
Brant Sword, Burn, Nourished, Loved Hindu
Branesh Lord of life Hindu
Bramhanand Happiness for knowledge Hindu
Bramhaghosh Chanting of Vedas Hindu
Bramha Creator of the universe Hindu
Brajraj Lord Krishna, King of vrindavan Hindu
Brajesh Lord Krishna, Lord of Vraj Hindu
Brajendra Lord of Braj land Hindu
Brajamohan Lord Krishna, Vraj - vrindavan, Mohan - attractive Hindu
Braj Place of Lord Krishna Hindu
Brahmdev Gods exalted Angel Hindu
Brahmaputhra Name of a river Hindu
Brahmanya Supreme godhead Hindu
Brahmananda Supreme Joy Hindu
Brahmanand Supreme Joy Hindu
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma Hindu
Brahmabratha Ascetic Hindu
Brahmabrata Ascetic Hindu
Brahma Creator of the universe Hindu
Brahamdutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma Hindu
Bragin Hindu
Boudik Hindu
Boudhayan The name of a sage Hindu
Boopathi Lord of the earth, The hero of stunts Hindu
Boopalan Hindu
Bomik Land owner Hindu
Bodish Buddhas tree Hindu
Bodhan Kindling Hindu
Bodh Awakening, Perception, Knowledge, Intelligence, Enlightenment Hindu
Bnidhish Lyrics of classical music Hindu
Bivhan (Son of evan or son of John) Hindu
Bittu Lovely baby Hindu
Bitasok One who does not mourn Hindu
Biswath Hindu
Biswas Faith, Trust Hindu
Biswajiy Hindu
Biswa Earth, Universe Hindu
Bisujaksha Lord Vishnu Hindu
Bishweshwar Lord of the universe Hindu
Bishwas Faith, Trust Hindu
Bishwambhar The supreme spirit Hindu
Bishwa Earth, Universe Hindu
Bishal Huge, Broad, Great, Substantial, Important, Powerful, Eminent Hindu
Bishakh Lord Kartikeya, Having spreading branches, Name of Kartikeya, A solicitor, Name of Shiva Hindu
Bisaj Lotus Hindu
Birju Nice singer Hindu
Birendra King of warriors Hindu
Biren Lord of warriors Hindu
Birbal Brave heart, A powerful warrior Hindu
Birat Great Hindu
Biranchi Name of Lord Brahma Hindu
Biral Priceless, Precious Hindu
Biraj Born of Moon, To have a presence, To know ones self Hindu
Biraat Great Hindu
Biraaj Born of Moon, To have a presence, To know ones self Hindu
Bir Courageous, Warrior, Strong, Lightning, Thunder Hindu
Bipul Plenty, Abundance, Powerful Hindu
Bipra A priest, Inspired, Wise, Sage, The Moon, A brahmin Hindu
Biplojit Hindu
Biplav Drifting about, Revolution Hindu
Bipin Forest (Vipin), Glorious, Providing refuge Hindu
Binoy Stubborn Hindu
Binodan A person who can spread Love and Joy Hindu
Binod Happy, Full of Joy, Play, Fun, Joke, Humour Hindu
Binnyker Fearful Hindu
Binit Unassuming, Knowledgeable, Modest, Venus, Requester Hindu