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Hindu The practice of naming has been going on for a long time. In Hindu religion, only that name is given more importance which has a special meaning. If the name of Boy starts with K then its nature But its effect is visible. It can be easily seen that the letter K is what makes Boy different from other people and gives identity. That is why the purpose or purpose of keeping a name in Hindu is fixed, that is, the Boy identity should be different and its personality should be different from others. In India and other countries, people associated with Hindu have been naming Boy for the last many years. Usually, having a Boy name is a matter of joy for the parents. But at the same time, they do not compromise in any way regarding the meaning of the name. Parents keep a meaningful name for Boy so that its respect and prestige increase day by day and its future is also bright. All these things depend on the meaning of the Boy name. Hindu According to the religion, the name of Boy tells about his personality. The first letter of your name, which is K, tells about whether you are good or bad, whether you speak sweet or bitter and what is your nature. Success is certain for people whose name starts with K, associated with religion. Not only this, this Boy is not afraid of any difficulty that comes in life but fights it with courage. Hindu In religion, naming ceremony takes place after the birth of the child. Parents mostly want Boy to have a name that has some meaning because it will have a direct impact on the child's personality and future.

Hindu boy names starting with K with meanings

Name Meaning
Kyra The Sun
Kvanh Melodious sounds
Kuzhandai Lord Murugan, Child
Kuzhagan Lord Murugan
Kuvar Fragrance
Kuvam The Sun, Producer of the earth
Kuval Wisdom, Water Lily, Informative, Clever, Pearl, Water
Kusumit A flower blooming
Kusumesh Lord of flowers
Kusumakar Spring
Kushyanth Happiness
Kushwanth Happiness
Kushin Valmiki, Another name for the celebrated sage vaahniki
Kushanu Fire
Kushan Dynasty, Name of a king, the Kushan dynasty that ruled parts of
Kushalin Having skillfullness or happiness, Healthy, Wise, Successful, Auspicious
Kushal Clever, Skillful, Expert, Proficient, Wise, Happy, Auspicious, Pious, Another name of Shiva
Kushak King
Kushagra A king, Intelligent
Kushad Talented, Cloud
Kushaan Dynasty, Name of a king, The Kushan dynasty that ruled parts of
Kush Sacred grass, A son of the God Ram (Son of Rama and Sita)
Kusagra A king, Intelligent
Kuru (Ancient king and founder of the Kuru dynasty. Due to his performance of sacrifice and asceticism at the site)
Kurinjvendan Lord Murugan, Consort of Kurinji (Velli)
Kuppa Attitude
Kupat Excellent
Kunwar Prince
Kunsh Shining, Articulate
Kunna Good Hindu
Kunjit Hidden in the forest
Kunjar Dwelling in forest, Name of a mountain, Name of a region, Name of a scrpent, Elephant, 13 th constellation or lunar mansion anything pre-eminent of its kind, Living in greenery
Kunjabihari Lord Krishna, Enjoyer of lakes
Kunja Trees and creppers over grown, Arbour, Living in greenery
Kundrenindhon Lord Murugan
Kundrakkudiyon Lord Murugan, One who resides on hills
Kundir Strong
Kundhy One of the kauravas
Kundhasaai One of the kauravas
Kundhabhedy One of the kauravas
Kundhaasy One of the kauravas
Kundhaadhara One of the kauravas
Kundanlal Golden
Kundalin One who wears earrings
Kunal Lotus, A bird (Son of emperor Ashok)
Kumush Old and ancient Man
Kumudesh The Moon
Kumudaksh Lotus eyed
Kumi Water
Kumbhkarna (Ravan's brother known for sleeping and eating)
Kumbh Name of a Rashi
Kumarpal Raja ka Palak
Kumaril Young, Clever
Kumareshan Lord Murugan, Lord of youths, Name of Skand
Kumaresh Lord of youth
Kumaresan Lord Murugan, Lord of youths, Name of Skand
Kumaravel Lord Murugan, Spear of Murugan
Kumaraswami Lord Murugan, Bachelor God
Kumarappan Lord Murugan, Kumara - youth, Appan - father
Kumaran Lord muraga (Son of Shivan)
Kumarabrahmacharine Youthful bachelor
Kumarabrahmacharin Youthful bachelor
Kumaravel Lord Murugan, Spear of Murugan
Kumar Young boy
Kulish Belonging to a good, Noble family, Dazzling, Diamond, Thunderbolt
Kulin Kuldipak
Kulik Well born, From a good family
Kuleswar Sewer
Kuldip The enlightened one in the family, Entire region of the family, The lamp of the family
Kuldev The god-like person of the family
Kuldeep The enlightened one in the family, Entire region of the family, The lamp of the family
Kulbhushan Ornament of family
Kularanjan Star of family
Kulandavelayudhan Lord Murugan, The child who bears the Vel as a weapon
Kulaj Noble, From a good family
Kuj A tree, Name of the planet mars, The son of the earth
Kugapriyan Lord Murugan, The one who loves caves
Kugapriyan Lord Murugan, The one who loves caves
Kuchela Friend of Lord Krishna
Kubernath God of wealth
Kuberchand God of wealth
Kubera God and guardian of money
Kuber God of wealth, Slow, God of riches
Kshrugal A name of Lord Shiva
Kshrinag Lord Shiva
Kshitish King of all gods, Lord Indra, Master of the earth
Kshitij Point where the Sky & sea appears to Meet, Son of the earth, Tree, Horizon, Mars
Kshithiraj King

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