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Hindu The practice of naming in religion has been prevalent since ancient times. In Hindu religion, the Boy born is given a name which has some meaning. To name the Boy, a process is followed in the religion. Has been ensured. In the present life, we can see that the name of Boy itself gives it a different identity. In reality, the purpose of naming a person in Hindu is to distinguish a person from other people. In India and other countries, people associated with Hindu have been naming Boy for the last many years. Usually, having a Boy name is a matter of joy for the parents. But at the same time, they do not compromise in any way regarding the meaning of the name. Parents keep a meaningful name for Boy so that its respect and prestige increase day by day and its future is also bright. All these things depend on the meaning of the Boy name. In the realm of religion, it is believed that the behavior of an individual, regardless of their gender, is largely influenced by their name. Your behavior, disposition, whether you are good or bad, and even the tone of your speech – all of these aspects are thought to be reflected in the initial letter of your name, denoted as [Letter]. According to this religious perspective, individuals whose names start with the letter [Letter] tend to achieve success in life and are unafraid of confronting challenges, regardless of their gender. After the birth of a child, naming it with full rituals is considered very important in religion. Boy's name is taken very carefully by his parents. Parents often choose a name for their baby that has a special meaning, because it is believed that a good name is related to the person's nature and future.

Hindu boy names starting with S with meanings

Name Meaning
Syum A Ray
Syon Gentle
Syamrit Powerful, Delightful
Syamantak A jewel of Lord Vishnu
Swetvahan Possessor of white horses given by Agni Dev
Swetketu An ancient sage, Character in chandogya upanishad, King
Swethkumar Fair complexion, Pure
Swethan The one who has learnt all Vedas
Swethakethu An ancient sage, Character in chandogya upanishad, King
Swetaketu An ancient sage, Character in chandogya upanishad, King
Swet White
Sweekar Acceptance
Swayambhu Self-manifested, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
Swayam Self, Auto
Swatik Pure, Devotionally pure
Swatantra Independent and free, Azad
Swatantar Independent and free, Azad
Swastik Auspicious
Swarup Truth, Lover of beauty
Swaroop Truth, Lover of beauty
Swarnim The shining of gold
Swarnapurishwara Lord of the golden city
Swarnabha Golden rays
Swarith Towards heaven
Swarit Towards heaven
Swargapati Lord of heavens
Swaransh Half, Quarter of a tone in music
Swaran Gold
Swarajya Freedom, Create own identity
Swaraj Freedom
Swaraa Tones, Self shining in Sanskrit
Swapnil Seen in a dream, Dreamy
Swapnesh King of dreams
Swapnasree Dream
Swapn King of dream
Swapinika Dreams
Swapan King of dream
Swant A person who listens to his soul
Swankit Lover
Swanik Handsome
Swanand Name of Lord Ganesh
Swamy Master
Swaminathan The Lord almighty, Lord Murugan
Swaminath The Lord almighty, Lord Murugan, Lord of lords
Swami Master
Swaksh Name of Lord Vishnu
Swajith Self victory
Swagath Welcome
Swagat Welcome
Swadhyay Study of vedic literature
Swadhin Dependent on the self, Independent and free
Swadheen Dependent on the self, Independent and free
Swadharm Ones prescribed duties
Swadesh Ones own country
Swabhav Characteristics
Svayambhut Self-manifested, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
Svayambhu Self-manifested, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
Svayam Self, Auto
Svasthik Doing well
Svarpati Lord of sound
Svarna Lord Ganesh, Gold
Svarg Heaven
Svaraj Lord Indra, King of heaven, Name of Indra
Svar Lord Vishnu, The Sun, Heaven, World of gods, The Sky, The region of the planets and constellations, A mystical word pronounced after Om and before the Gayatri by every brahman in commencing his daily prayers, Sound, Voice, Tone, Tune
Svanik Handsome
Svang Good looks
Svaminath The Lord almighty, Lord Murugan, Lord of lords
Svamin Lord Vishnu, A proprietor, A Lord, A king, A husband or lover, A spiritual preceptor, An ascetic, A learned Man, A religious Man of the highest order, Name of Kartikeya, Name of Vishnu, Name of Shiva, Name of the Muni vaatsyaayana
Suyog Good timing
Suyati Lord Vishnu, One who has controlled his passions, Epithet of Vishnu
Suyash Illustrious
Suyamun Lord Vishnu, Who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of Yamuna
Suvrat Named after a Jain God, Saint, Strict in religious vows (Subrata), Devoted to what is right
Suvit Su means good & Vit means wealth
Suvir Person well built and courageous, Lord Shiva
Suvimal Pure
Suvidh Kind
Suvel Placid
Suveeryava One of the kauravas
Suveer Person well built and courageous, Lord Shiva
Suvas Lord Shiva, An agreeable perfume, A pleasant dwelling, Well clad, An epithet of Shiva
Suvarn Lord Shiva, A beautiful colour, Brilliant in hue, Golden, Yellow, The thorn apple, Epithet of Shiva, A gold coin
Suvarma One of the kauravas
Suvarcha One of the kauravas
Suvansh Acha Vansh
Suvaneeth Just fully polite
Suvan The Sun
Sutoya A river
Sutosh One who becomes Happy easily
Sutirth Lord Shiva, A good road, A holy place near water, A revered person or good teacher
Suthiksh Brave
Sutejas Very bright
Sutej Luster

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