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Since ancient times, the practice of naming within Hindu religion has been widespread. In Hindu, great importance is placed on selecting a name that carries significance. The process of choosing the best name for Boy is guided by religious principles. In everyday life, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The tradition of naming in religion was initiated to distinguish individuals from one another. Not only in India but also in other countries, people of various religions have been following the practice of naming for the last four decades. According to their respective religions, the name of an individual, regardless of gender, should be beautiful and meaningful. This ensures that the person is respected in society and has a positive impact on others. In Hindu it is believed that one's nature is determined by the name of Boy. Whether his behavior is good or bad, whether he is sociable by nature or not, whether there is bitterness or sweetness in his speech, all these things can be found out from the first letter of the name i.e. Boy. People who are associated with Hindu and whose name starts with U, are successful in life. Not only this, they are not afraid of the ups and downs or challenges in their life. On the contrary, we face it boldly. Hindu In religion, naming ceremony takes place after the birth of the child. Parents mostly want Boy to have a name that has some meaning because it will have a direct impact on the child's personality and future.

Hindu boy names starting with U with meanings

Name Meaning
Uttiya A name in buddhist literature
Uttarak Lord Shiva, Dweller, Name for Shiva
Uttar North, Answer, Better, Another name for Shiva (Son of king Virata)
Uttank Cloud, Disciple
Uttamesh Lord Shiva, Supreme God
Uttam Best
Uttal Strong, Formidable, Powerful, Quick, Best, Mighty, Tall, Loud mighty
Utsav Celebration, Festival, Occasion, Desire
Utsarg Dedicating, Emission, Giving, Gift, Donation, Sacrifice
Utsang Embrace
Utsah Anxiely, Goddess Laxmi, Happiness, Excitement, Energy, Courage, Determination
Utpar Cheerful, Infinite
Utpalaksh Lord Vishnu, Utpal - open wide, Aksh - eyes
Utpal Water Lily, Fleshless, Lotus blossom, Blossoming
Utkrishta Best
Utkarshraj Utkarshraj means the ruler whose time is marked by prosperity and advancement
Utkarsha Advancement, Supreme, Beautiful, Wealth, Eminence, To shine forth to come forth
Utkarsh Prosperity or awakening or high quality, Advancement - to rise
Utkars Prosperity or awakening or high quality, Advancement - to rise
Utkal Glorious, Wonderful country, Carrying a burden, Another name for orissa
Uthkarsh Prosperity or awakening or high quality, Advancement - to rise
Uthira Nakshatra
Uthaman The best
Utanka A disciple of sage Veda
Uslunan Heat, Passion
Ushnisin Lord Shiva
Ushnik It is a vedic meter
Ushik Early riser, Dawn worshipper
Ushij Zealous, Born of desire, Energetic, Pleasant, Desirous, Fire, Ghee
Ushenya Desirable, To wished for
Ushas Morning, Dawn, Daybreak, The Goddess of dawn
Ushangu Lord Shiva, One who gets up at dawn, An epithet of Shiva, Wishing, Desiring
Ushakanta The Sun
Urvish King, Lord of the earth
Urvinath Vishnu moorty
Urvesh Shehnai
Urvang Mountain, Ocean, Substantial
Urvaksh Joyful
Urugay Lord Krishna, Far-going, Far-striding, An epithet of Vishnu and Indra, Offering wide scope for movement
Urmiya Lord of light
Urmil Humble, Enchantress (Wife of Lakshman (Lord Rama's brother))
Urjita Energized, Powerful, Excellent
Urjit Possesses great might, Powerful, Handsome, Noble, Excellent
Urjani Lord of strength
Urdahav Broad mentality
Urav Excitement
Upvan A small garden
Uppas Gem
Upoddath Teacher
Upkosh Treasure
Upkash Wearing the Sky, Dawn
Upkar Favour, Kindness
Upjit Victory for proximity, Of exalted victory, Winning, To acquire by victory
Upjeeth Victory for proximity, Of exalted victory, Winning, To acquire by victory
Upjay To help, To support
Upjas Produced, Divine
Upendran Younger brother of Lord Indra
Upendra An element
Upender King of all kings
Upeksh To neglect, To expect patiently, To disregard
Upasan Worship
Upanshu Chanting of hymns, Mantras in low tone, A murmured prayer
Upang The act of anointing
Upanayik Fit for An offering, A character next in importance to the hero
Upanay Leader
Upananda One of the kauravas
Upamanyu Name of a devoted pupil
Upam First, Highest, Best, Next
Upal Stone, Rock, Jewel, Sugar
Upakaar Benefit
Upahar Gift, Offering, Oblation to a deity
Upagupta Name of a buddhist monk
Upadesh Advice
Upachithra One of the kauravas
Unnikrishnan Lord Krishna baby stage
Unnatish Lord of progress
Unnat Energized, Raised, High, Eminent, Elevated, Tall, Regal, A Buddha
Unnabh Highest
Unmesh Flash, Blowing, Opening
Unmaivilambi Honest
Uninesh Blossoming, Progressing
Uninaj Ascending, Progressing
Unabh Elevated, Eminent, Ruler
Umeshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma
Umesh Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma
Umed Hope, Expectation, Wish, Desire, Trust, Greed
Umashankar Lord Shiva, Parvati and Shankar conjoined
Umasankar Lord Shiva, Parvati and Shankar conjoined
Umaputra The son of Goddess Uma (Goddess Parvati)
Umaprasad Blessing of Goddess Parvati
Umapati Consort of Uma
Umapathy Consort of Uma

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