Name Duhita
Meaning Daughter
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 9
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Duhita Meaning

Most parents want to name their child Duhita but before that, they do not try to know its meaning. Duhita The meaning of the name is Daughter. By keeping the name Duhita, your child also starts behaving like the meaning of this name. Let us tell you that by naming your baby Duhita, you can increase the positive possibilities in her life. As we told you Duhita means Daughter and you can also see the effect of this meaning in the behavior of the person named Duhita. People with the name Duhita are exactly like the meaning of their name. The zodiac sign of the name Duhita, the lucky number of the name Duhita, and the personality of the people with the name Duhita or the meaning of this name, etc. are explained further.

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Duhita's Lucky Number

The zodiac lord of the name Duhita is the planet Jupiter. Their lucky number is 3. Women named Duhita with 3 digits have the qualities to attract everyone and their popularity is also high. Girls named Duhita perform their responsibilities well. The special thing about women named Duhita with the number 8 is that they live a disciplined life with some rules and principles. Girls named Duhita, whose lucky number is 3, are often stubborn about something, which is why they have fewer friends and more enemies. Girls named Duhita generally have good health, but they may be at risk of diabetes.

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Duhita Personality

The zodiac sign of the girl named Duhita is Pisces. The girls of Duhita have a strong inclination towards spirituality. Girls named Duhita associated with Pisces keep trying to keep themselves satisfied. Girls named Duhita try to live peacefully without any disturbance. Women whose name is Duhita do not like fighting at all. Girls named Duhita want their ideas to be given due respect.

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Duhita's zodiac Pisces Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Dipika A small lamp, Light Hindu
Dipisha Hindu
Dipjyoti The light of the lamp Hindu
Dipra Bright, Brilliant Hindu
Diprajit Hindu
Dipranjan Hindu
Dipta Shining, Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Diptanshu The Sun Hindu
Diptanu Shiner Hindu
Diptava Hindu
Diptee Flame or luster or glow or shine, Brightness Hindu
Dipti Flame or luster or glow or shine, Brightness, Brilliance, Beauty Hindu
Diptosh Hindu
Dipu Flame, Light, Shinning Hindu
Dira Beautiful, Splendor, Derived from Indira - Goddess laxmis name Hindu
Dirash Scholar Hindu
Dirsana Hindu
Disha Direction Hindu
Dishaan A species of gazelle, A thresher Hindu
Dishana Knowledge, Wisdom, Speech, Hymn, Goddess Hindu
Dishani Queen of all four directions - east, West, North, South Hindu
Dishank Horizon Hindu
Dishant Horizon, Sky Hindu
Dishanth Horizon, Sky Hindu
Dishari Who shows way Hindu
Dishen Suryadev, The Sun Hindu
Dishi Direction Hindu
Dishita Focused, Once who knows direction Hindu
Dishitha Focused, Once who knows direction Hindu
Disht Settled, Ordered, Shown, Appointed Hindu
Dishti Always Happy, Command, Direction, Destiny, An auspicious event, Happiness Hindu
Diti Idea, Splendor, Radiance, Brilliance, Beauty (Wife of the sage Kashyap) Hindu
Ditiksha Hindu
Ditvi Divine good Hindu
Ditya Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi Hindu
Dityaa Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi Hindu
Div Pleasant, Gentle, Sky, Heaven, Day, Light Hindu
Diva Gift of God, Powerful women, Through heaven, Daytime Hindu
Divagar Hindu
Divakar The Sun Hindu
Divam Pure Hindu
Divani Madly Love songs Hindu
Divansh Suns particle, Similar to Diwakar - suns Ansh Hindu
Divashini Shine among the day and all Hindu
Divaym Divine, Spiritual, Superhuman, Unique, Pure Hindu
Divena Blessing, Eye of God, Resembling a Goddess, Blessing Hindu
Divendu Divyendu, Dibyendu the Moon Hindu
Divesh Lord of the gods Hindu
Divi Very bright, Sun like glow Hindu
Divij Name of Lord Datta, Born in heaven, Came from heaven, Divine Hindu