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Since ancient times, naming babies after their birth has been a widely practiced tradition in many religions. Religion places significant emphasis on choosing a name that carries specific meanings. The selection of the best name for a child is determined based on religious beliefs. In our society, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The religious practice of naming individuals originated to bestow a unique identity upon them, as their entire future is believed to rest upon it. Not only in India but also in other countries, people of various faiths have attached great importance to the naming process for several decades. Within religious contexts, it is believed that a name should possess positive connotations to uphold the individual's reputation within the community. In religion, it is believed that one's gender has a significant influence on their life. The name given to an individual often reveals aspects of their nature, how they interact with others, and even their speech. When a girl is born into sikh, naming her is a crucial first step. Parents always strive to bestow upon their daughter a name that carries positive connotations, as it is believed that a child's name is intrinsically linked to their character and future. Whether or not Girl will achieve success in life is often attributed to their name. Within the realm of sikh, considerable contemplation goes into naming daughters. In sikh, it is customary to choose names for Girl that symbolize success and hold positive meanings.

Sikh girl names with meanings

Name Meaning
Thunder Embodiment of the beginning-less
Hualeena Light
Hoojoe Guard
Hetpaul Protector of Love
Harsukh Peaceful through dwelling on God
Harsimrat Gods remebrance
Harsimransukh Peace with remembrance of God
Harsimranjot Light of remembrance of God
Harsimranjodh Warrior in remembrance of God
Harsimran Remembrance of God
Harshardha Faith in God
Harseetal Peaceful through remembering God
Harseerat Light
Harroop Beautiful God
Harpreetkour Loving each
Harpooj Worshipping God
Haroop Beautiful God
Harneez Equal treatment to all
Harminder God of heaven
Harmansukh Peace from gods heart
Harlaxmi Deities of fortune
Harigun Virtuous God
Haridatta Gods gift
Hariamrit Nectar of God
Hargurmeet God and gurus friend
Hargeet Lords blissful songs
Hardipa Lamp of God
Harbakhs Gods gift
Haranjan To Stay in Eyes of God
Haramrit Gods immortalizing nectar
Hanit Happiness, Spade
Hamreet Beloved of God, Friend of God
Gyanleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge
Gurupreet Love of the enlightener
Guruka Belonging to the enlightener
Gursukh One who is blissful through Guru
Gursiman Remembering the Guru
Gursheen Gurus pride
Gurshakti Power of Guru
Gurrishma Gur is related to gurus and Rishma is the first rays of the Moon
Gurpreet Love of Guru, Gurus Love
Gurpinder Guru of kings
Gurparveen Goddess of the stars
Gurnoor Pleasant face of God
Gurneet Gurus moral
Gurneesh Gurus grace
Gurnamaskar Obeisance to Guru
Gurmander Gurus temple
Gurmail Gurus friend
Gurleen In serve of teacher
Gurkiran Light from the Guru
Gurka Belonging to Guru
Gurjeet Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru
Guriya Guidance
Gurisha Wish of Guru
Gurhimmat Courage from gurus guidance
Gurgian Having knowledge of gurus word
Gureet Of the Guru
Gurditta One born with gurus blessing
Gurdita Gift of Guru
Guramrit Guru ka Amrit, Holy Amrit
Gunreet People with this name tend to be very inspired, Intuitive, And creative. they strive to see the big picture and achieve their dreams
Gunmeet A friend of qualities
Gunjun To humm
Gunjeet Victory of virtue
Guneetpreet Love for excellence
Gun Attribute, Excellence, Merit, Quality, Virtue
Gulbagh Rose garden, Paradise
Gianpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
Giaanpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
Geetleen Absorbed in the songs of bliss
Gauravpreet Love for glory
Gatsimar Liberation through meditation
Gatleen Merged in freedom
Fal Oracle, Fruit
Fajal Accomplished, Bountiful grace
Faal Oracle, Fruit
Faajal Accomplished, Bountiful grace
Eshnaa Desire
Eknoor One light
Ekamroop Embodiment of oneness
Ekampreet Love for ones God
Ekampooj Worshipper of the supreme being
Drivnaynee Angelic eyes
Dpinder Light of Lord Inder
Dhianni Meditative one
Chhail Beautiful, Handsome
Chhabba Gold, Silver ornament
Chhab Beauty, Splendor, Brilliance, Fashion, Form, Figure
Channan Full of fragrance like sandalwood
Bebe Lady of the house, Lady, Bringer of Joy

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