Baby Names

In the context of religion, there exists a practice of naming newborns long before their birth. Within this religious tradition, names are bestowed with great thoughtfulness, carrying special meanings. In this religious practice, a meticulous process is employed to select a meaningful name for the newborn Boy. A person's name bestows them with a unique identity. The primary objective behind this religious naming process is to provide Boy with a distinct identity among their peers, as a person's name exerts a lifelong influence. This practice is not confined to India alone; many countries across the globe also attach immense significance to the naming ritual within their respective religious traditions. It is firmly believed in these religious communities that a name should not only be good but also hold auspicious connotations, as it is closely linked to one's reputation and status within society. According to religious beliefs, a person's personality is influenced by their name. This implies that qualities such as good or bad behavior, as well as the sweetness or bitterness of one's speech, are all reflected in their name. In many religious traditions, a child is named shortly after birth. Most parents aspire to give their child a meaningful name, as they believe it can shape the child's future and nature. Success, too, is believed to be influenced by one's name. In the eyes of those who hold strong religious beliefs, it is of great significance that their child grows up to be a successful individual. Consequently, they attach great importance to giving their child a name with profound and inspirational meanings.

Sikh boy names with meanings

Name Meaning
Thunder Embodiment of the beginning-less
Achraj Wondrous
Acharaj Wondrous being
Hitinder Benevolent God
Hitender Compassionate God
Hirish God of Shiva
Hirender Lords diamonds
Hirdai Heart
Himmatroop Embodiment of courage
Himmatpal Protector of courage
Hetbir Love of the brave
Herho God-like
Herdayal Kindness of God
Hemwant Full of gods grace
Heminder Lord of gold
Harwinder God of heaven
Harwant Full of gods grace
Harvir Brave as God
Harvinder God of heaven
Harvichaar One who reflects on God
Harveer Brave as God
Harveen Next to God
Hartirath Holy place of God
Hartejpal Protector of the glow of God
Hartej Radiance of God
Harteerath Holy place of God
Harsimritpal Protection in the memory of God
Harsimrit Memory of God
Harsimar Who rember God
Harshwardhan Creator of Joy, One who increases Joy
Harsheet Joyous, Cheerful, Happy
Harshbir Happy brace
Harsharan One who takes shelter in the Lord
Harshan Lustrous splendor of God, Has to do with happiness, delightful
Harshaan Lustrous splendor of God, Has to do with happiness, Delightful
Harsevak Servant of the God
Harsanjog Union with God
Harsangat Remaining in the company of God
Harsajjan Gods friend and beloved
Harrai Gods Prince
Harpurakh Gods exalted person
Harpuneet Clean, Pure like God
Harpremjit Winning the Love of God
Harpreet Lover of God
Harpinder Gods home
Harpiara Gods beloved
Harparsann One with whom God is pleased
Harpal One protected by God
Harnoor Light of God
Harnirmal Holy like God
Harnihal Blissful in gods remembrance
Harnidh Treasure of God
Harnek Gods noble one
Harneet Original God
Harnarayn Imperishable God
Harnam Love for name of God
Harmoorat Embodiment of God
Harmohanjit Warrior captivating God
Harmohan Gods sweetheart, Captivating God
Harmnaad Ringing the celestial music
Harmit Friend of the God
Harmilan Union with God
Harmehar Gods grace
Harmeet Friend of the God
Harmanpreet Love from gods heart
Harmanpal Protector of gods heart
Harmanjot Light of gods heart
Harmanjodh Warrior of gods heart
Harmanjeet Victory of gods heart
Harmangal Songs praising God
Harmandir Temple of God
Harmander Temple, Guru da mander
Harmandarpal Protector of the house of God
Harman Everybodys beloved
Harlaal Beloved of God
Harkirpal Bestowed with God grace
Harkiratpal Protector of the gods praisers
Harkirat Singer of gods praise
Harkiranjeet Victory of gods light
Harkiran The Ray of gods light
Harkewal The only God
Harkeerat Singer of gods praise
Harkaranjit Victory on behalf of God
Harkanwal Gods feet
Harkamal Lotus like God
Harjyot Light of the God
Harjugat Uniting with God
Harjot Gods light
Harjog One in union with God
Harjodh Courageous like God
Harjiwan One who lives god-oriented live
Harjinder Life which has been granted by God, God of heaven
Harjeev One who lives god-oriented life
Harjee God
Harjap One who meditates on the Lord
Haritej Glow of the Lord
Harisimaran Meditating the lords name
Harisaroop With An appearance like God

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