Name Gurdayal
Meaning Compassionate Guru
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 8
Length 5
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Gurdayal Meaning

Gurdayal The meaning of the name is Compassionate Guru. If you know the meaning of Gurdayal before naming your baby, it can make your baby's life better. The name Gurdayal has special significance because its meaning is considered very good. Gurdayal Before naming a name, it is important to know its meaning. The name Gurdayal means Compassionate Guru and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person named Gurdayal. By keeping the name Gurdayal, your child also acquires the qualities that are included in its meaning. It is believed that if your name is Gurdayal and its meaning is Compassionate Guru, then it also has a deep impact on the personality of the person. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and Compassionate Guru of the name Gurdayal are explained in detail.

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Gurdayal's Lucky Number

People named Gurdayal come under the influence of the planet Saturn. Their lucky number is 8. People with name Gurdayal are adept at saving money, hence they always have money. People with this number like to make their own rules and follow them. People with the lucky number 8 have a lot of interest in music. People named Gurdayal become successful through hard work and dedication. They do not depend on luck. People with this number have a very kind nature and they get success late.

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Gurdayal Personality

People named Gurdayal belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Gurdayal people are talented, self-controlled, and soft-hearted. People with the name Gurdayal are very intelligent and they feel proud of their intelligence. It is often difficult to understand these people. Although people named Gurdayal are the best talkers, they make friends very carefully. People with the name Gurdayal have a sympathetic personality and always help the needy.

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Gurdayal's zodiac Aquarius Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Sarvateerthamaya One who turns the water of ocean sacred Hindu
Sarvateeth Hindu
Sarvatman Protector of the universe Hindu
Sarvavahanavahana One who rides all vehicles Hindu
Sarvavas Lord Shiva, One who resides everywhere Hindu
Sarvavidhyasampath Pradayaka granter of knowledge and wisdom Hindu
Sarvavidya Knowledgeable Hindu
Sarvayagyodhipa Lord of all sacrificial offerings Hindu
Sarvayantratmaka Dweller in all yantras Hindu
Sarvayoni Source of everything Hindu
Sarvbhanu Name of the Sun Hindu
Sarvendra Every where, God Hindu
Sarvendyna Hindu
Sarves Master of all or God or king or Lord of all Hindu
Sarvesh Master of all or God or king or Lord of all, Emperor, Lord Shiva Hindu
Sarveshvara Lord of all, A name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sarveshwar Lord of all gods Hindu
Sarveshwara Lord of all, A name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sarvika Universal, Complete Hindu
Sarvil Lord Krishna, Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva Hindu
Sarvin Victory, Best archer, God of Love Hindu
Sarvodaya Welfare of all, Universal uplift and progress of all Hindu
Sarvopagunavarjita Destroyer of all evil Hindu
Sarwa Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Perfect, Complete Hindu
Sarwar Chief, Leader, Joy, Delight Hindu
Sarwari Night, Twilight Hindu
Saryu River Sharayu, Holy river Hindu
Sasang Attached, Connected, Associated Hindu
Sasank The Moon Hindu
Sasha Defender of men, Helper of humankind, Defender of mankind Hindu
Sashang Attached, Connected, Associated Hindu
Sashank The Moon Hindu
Sashanth Lord of all Hindu
Sashi The Moon Hindu
Sashidhar The Man who carries Sashi the Moon) - other name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sashikant Moon stone, Moon loved Hindu
Sashikanth Moon stone, Moon loved Hindu
Sashikar Moon Ray Hindu
Sashikath Hindu
Sashini The Moon Hindu
Sashisekhar Lord Shiva, Shash is the name of a rabbit, So the Moon is called Shashi for possessing a shape like rabbit. Shekhar means crown-jewel, So whose crown jewel is Moon, He is called shashi-shekhar Hindu
Sashmati Soft character Hindu
Sashreek Prosperous Hindu
Sashti In favor of Lord Murugan Hindu
Sashvitha Hindu
Sashwat Eternal Hindu
Sashwin Hindu
Sasi The Moon, An Apsara or celestial Goddess Hindu
Sasidhar The Man who carries Sashi the Moon) - other name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Sasidharan The Lord Shiva Hindu