Name Keerti
Meaning Fame, Good name, Reputation, Happiness
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 5
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Keerti Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Keerti, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Keerti means Fame, Good name, Reputation, Happiness. By naming your child Keerti, you can give a new direction to his/her life. The name Keerti is considered very good in the scriptures and its meaning is also liked by the people. Because of the meaning of the name, people named Keerti are very much liked in society. You can see the effect of the meaning of the name Keerti in their nature. Read further to know the zodiac sign of the name Keerti, what is its lucky number, and Fame, Good name, Reputation, Happiness of the name Keerti in detail.

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Keerti's Lucky Number

Keerti The ruling planet of the name is Mercury and the lucky number is 5. Girls named Keerti related to the number 5 are intelligent and sharp-minded and luck always favors them. Women named Keerti with the number 5 like personal freedom. They don't like to make promises. They have the qualities to become businessmen and with their hard work, they can make every difficult task easy. Girls with number 5 are lucky and exciting. Girls whose name is Keerti have less patience, which is why they sometimes make decisions without thinking.

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Keerti Personality

The zodiac sign of a women whose name is Keerti is Gemini. Gemini women named Keerti like to meet people. They always choose work that keeps them busy and gives them a chance to meet new people. Girls named Keerti belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign always like to do challenging work. Women whose name is Keerti get bored of a job easily. Girls named Keerti like to become writers, journalists, actors, teachers, or salesmen in their careers. Girls named Keerti are considered unreliable.

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Keerti's zodiac Gemini Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Kushant Hindu
Kushanu Fire Hindu
Kushi Happiness, Joy, Cheerful Hindu
Kushik Hindu
Kushil Hindu
Kushin Valmiki, Another name for the celebrated sage vaahniki Hindu
Kushpitha Hindu
Kushwanth Happiness Hindu
Kushyanth Happiness Hindu
Kusmitha Blossomed, Flowers in bloom Hindu
Kusum A flower, Blossom, Fire Hindu
Kusuma Flower Hindu
Kusumakar Spring Hindu
Kusumanjali Flower offering Hindu
Kusumaprabha Goddess Durga Hindu
Kusumavati Flowering Hindu
Kusumesh Lord of flowers Hindu
Kusumina Flowered Hindu
Kusumit A flower blooming Hindu
Kusumita Blossomed, Flowers in bloom Hindu
Kusumitha Blossomed, Flowers in bloom Hindu
Kusumlata Flowering creeper Hindu
kuthuhala Name of a Raga Hindu
Kuval Wisdom, Water Lily, Informative, Clever, Pearl, Water Hindu
Kuvalai Flower Hindu
Kuvam The Sun, Producer of the earth Hindu
Kuvar Fragrance Hindu
Kuvin Hindu
Kuvira Courageous woman Hindu
Kuyil Sweet voice like a cuckoo bird Hindu
Kuyilsai Sweet voice like a cuckoo bird Hindu
Kuzhagan Lord Murugan Hindu
Kuzhandai Lord Murugan, Child Hindu
Kvanh Melodious sounds Hindu
Kwaish Wish Hindu
Kwina Queen Hindu
Kyathi Fame Hindu
Kyna Intelligence Hindu
Kyra The Sun Hindu
Kyvalya God name, Heaven Hindu
Quarrtulain Mercy of God Hindu
Camerina Hindu
Cammy Hindu
Cauvery Name of a river Hindu
Ceyone Rising Sun Hindu
Chhaayaa Shadow Hindu
Chhaayank The Moon Hindu
Chhabi Reflection, Image, Radiance Hindu
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha Hindu
Chhatrabhuj Lord Vishnu, One who has four arms Hindu