Name Krati
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 5
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Gemini
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Krati's Lucky Number

Krati The ruling planet of the name is Mercury and the lucky number is 5. Girls named Krati have good luck and are rich in intellectual abilities. Girls with number 5 love freedom in their life. People whose name is Krati do not like to make promises at all. Girls named Krati with 5 digits make every task easy with their hard work. Number 5 is a symbol of luck and adventure, hence these qualities are also seen in girls named Krati related to this number. Women named Krati lack patience and sometimes make hasty decisions.

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Krati Personality

The zodiac sign of girls named Krati is Gemini. Girls named Krati belonging to this zodiac sign like to stay busy in their business and meet new people. Girls named Krati belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign always like to do challenging work. Women whose name is Krati get bored of a job easily. Girls named Krati can become teachers, actors, writers, or salesmen. Girls named Krati associated with this zodiac sign are often considered unworthy of trust.

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Krati's zodiac Gemini Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Karthiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in month of Kartik Hindu
Karthikundan God Hindu
Kartik Name of one of the months, Inspiring with courage and Joy Hindu
Kartika Son of Lord Shiva, Leader of Deva army, Hindu month, Character of Angel, A star Hindu
Kartikaya (Son of Lord Shiva) Hindu
Kartikey (Brother of Lord Ganesh) Hindu
Kartikeya Son of Lord Shiva, Brave, Vigorous, Active, Inspiring with courage, The planet mars (Son of Shiva) Hindu
Kartikeyan Lord Murugan, Who has been brought up by Krittika Hindu
Kartiki Devout, Divine, Light, Ekadashi in month of Kartik Hindu
Kartisha Flower that blossoms in december Hindu
Kartyayani Another name of Parvathi Hindu
Karuka Heavenly piece of art Hindu
Karuli Innocent Hindu
Karun Kind, Merciful, Gentle, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit Hindu
Karuna Compassion, Mercy, Gentleness Hindu
karunah Kind Hindu
Karunakar Merciful Hindu
Karunamay Full of light Hindu
Karunamayee Merciful, Full of pity for others Hindu
Karunamayi Merciful, Full of pity for others Hindu
Karunanidhi Kind hearted Hindu
Karunashankar Merciful Hindu
Karunasree Compassion, Mercy, Pity Hindu
Karunesh Lord of mercy Hindu
Karunya Compassionate (Goddess Lakshmi), Praiseworthy, Merciful, Kind Hindu
Karuppasamy Lord Karuppasamy Hindu
Karush Dry, Hard Hindu
Karv Love, Desire Hindu
Karyappa Hindu
Kasak Khusboo Hindu
Kashi Devotional place, Pilgrimage spot, Varanasi, The holy city Hindu
Kashik The shining one, Brilliant, Another name for the city of banaras Hindu
Kashika The Shiny one Hindu
Kashin Brilliant, Lord of Kashi varanasi or Lord Shiva Hindu
Kashinath Lord Shiva, Lord of Kashi which is An old and most sacred pilgrimage place where famous temple of Shiva is situated, Name of Shiva Hindu
Kashinathan Lord Shiva, Lord of Kashi which is An old and most sacred pilgrimage place where famous temple of Shiva is situated, Name of Shiva Hindu
Kashiprasad Blessed by Lord Shiva Hindu
Kashish Lord of Kashi, Another name for Lord Shiva, Attraction Hindu
Kashmalam Dust Hindu
Kashmira From kashmir Hindu
Kashni Flower, Special girl, Goddess Lakshmi Hindu
Kashtha The Goddess who is quarter of the world Hindu
Kashti A canoe Hindu
Kashu Mist Hindu
Kashvee Shining, Bright, Glowing Hindu
Kashvi Shining, Bright, Glowing Hindu
Kashvika Hindu
Kashwin Star Hindu
Kashwini Star Hindu
Kashyap A famous sage, Lily, One who drinks water Hindu