Name Kreena
Meaning Beautiful
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 9
Length 2.5
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Kreena Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Kreena, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Kreena means Beautiful. By naming your child Kreena, you can give a new direction to his/her life. Kreena Before naming a name, it is important to know its meaning. The name Kreena means Beautiful and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person named Kreena. Because of the meaning of the name, people named Kreena are very much liked in society. You can see the effect of the meaning of the name Kreena in their nature. The zodiac sign of the name Kreena, the lucky number of the name Kreena, and the personality of the people with the name Kreena or the meaning of this name, etc. are explained further.

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Kreena's Lucky Number

Those whose name is Kreena come under the planet Mercury and their lucky number is 5. Women with the name Kreena are very lucky. Along with this, these people are also intelligent and sharp-minded. Women named Kreena with the number 5 like personal freedom. They don't like to make promises. If your name is Kreena then you can try your luck in the field of business. Girls named Kreena have the courage to make every task easy by working hard. Girls with 5 lucky numbers love adventure in their life. Women with name Kreena associated with the number 5 are very restless, they have no patience at all. They also show haste in making decisions.

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Kreena Personality

The zodiac sign of girls named Kreena is Gemini. Gemini women named Kreena like to meet people. They always choose work that keeps them busy and gives them a chance to meet new people. Women named Kreena like challenges, which is why they choose only challenging tasks for themselves. Women named Kreena quickly get bored of doing the same type of work. Girls named Kreena mostly choose fields like education, sales, writing, acting, journalism, etc. However, Gemini women named Kreena are not considered trustworthy.

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Kreena's zodiac Gemini Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Kalol Chirp of birds Hindu
Kalp The Moon, Thought, Appropriate, Competent, Rule, Healthy, Perfect, A day in the life of Brahma, Another name for Shiva Hindu
Kalpa Able, Fit Hindu
Kalpagam Goddess name Hindu
Kalpajit The one who has won Kalpana i.e. imagination Hindu
Kalpak A heavenly tree, Getting to a benclunark, Ceremony Hindu
Kalpana Idea, Imagination, Fancy, Creating, Invention, Embellislunent Hindu
Kalpavalli Flower Hindu
Kalpesh Imaging of God, Lord of perfection Hindu
Kalpeshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of perfection, Lord of a fabulous period of time Hindu
Kalpini Night Hindu
Kalpit Imagined, Creative, Appropriate, Exact, Invented Hindu
Kalpita Imagined, Creative, Invented Hindu
Kalpitha Imagined, Creative, Invented Hindu
Kalva Heroine Hindu
Kalya Praise, Pleasant, Morning, Clever, Auspicious, Healthy Hindu
Kalyan Welfare, Worth, Fortune, Noble, Auspicious, Wealthy, Joyful Hindu
Kalyani Auspicious, Excellent, Fortune, Welfare, A sacred cow, Another name for Paarvati welfare Hindu
Kalyanin Virtuous, Happy, Lucky, Propitious, Wealthy, Worthy, Eminent wealthy Hindu
Kama Desired, Cherished, The golden one or Love, Beauty, Briliance Hindu
Kamadev God of Love Hindu
Kamadha Granting desires Hindu
Kamakhya Goddess Durga, Giver of desires, A form of Durga Hindu
Kamakshee Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes Hindu
Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, One with loving eyes Hindu
Kamakya Goddess Durga, Granter of wishes Hindu
Kamal Lotus, Perfection, Miracle, Art, Water, Rose-coloured, Another name for Brahma Hindu
Kamala Perfect, Goddess, Flower, Born of a lotus, Spring, Passionate, Beautiful, Eminent, Prosperity Hindu
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the lotus, Goddess Laxmi Hindu
kamalaa Perfect, Goddess, Flower Hindu
Kamalabandhu Friend of lotus, The Sun Hindu
Kamalaj Lord Brahma, Born on lotus Hindu
Kamalakanth Lord Vishnu, Kamala - she of the lotus i.e. Lakshmi), Kant - husband Hindu
Kamalakar Lord Vishnu, A lake where lotus grows Hindu
Kamalaksh With beautiful lotus type eyes Hindu
Kamalakshana Lotus-eyed Lord Hindu
Kamalakshi One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses Hindu
Kamalanayan Lotus eyed Hindu
Kamalapathi Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi) Hindu
Kamalapati Lord Vishnu, Consort of Kamala (Kamala - Lakshmi) Hindu
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the lotus, Goddess Laxmi Hindu
Kamalasanan The Lord Brahma Hindu
Kamalbandhu Brother of lotus, The Sun Hindu
Kamalekshan Lotus eyed Hindu
Kamalesh Lord of Kamala Hindu
Kamaleshwar Lord of lotus, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Kamali Full of desires Hindu
Kamalika Goddess Lakshmi, Lotus Hindu
Kamalinee A lotus plant, A pondfill of lotuses, Beautiful, Auspicious Hindu
Kamalini A lotus plant, A pondfill of lotuses, Beautiful, Auspicious Hindu