Name Sanjitha
Meaning Triumphant, Flute
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 1
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Sanjitha Meaning

Sanjitha The name is considered very beautiful. Not only this, its meaning is also very good. Let us tell you that the meaning of the name Sanjitha is Triumphant, Flute. Having Triumphant, Flute is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Sanjitha. Sanjitha Before naming a name, it is important to know its meaning. The name Sanjitha means Triumphant, Flute and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person named Sanjitha. By keeping the name Sanjitha, your child also acquires the qualities that are included in its meaning. People with the name Sanjitha are exactly like the meaning of their name. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and Triumphant, Flute of the name Sanjitha are explained in detail.

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Sanjitha's Lucky Number

The zodiac sign of the name Sanjitha is Saturn and the lucky number is 8. Girls whose name is Sanjitha and lucky number is 8, they have no shortage of money. Girls with the name Sanjitha of this number do not like to listen to others. They like to make their own rules. People whose name is Sanjitha like music very much. Girls named Sanjitha with the number 8 do not achieve success through the help of others or luck but through their hard work and efforts. Girls named Sanjitha with this number have a very kind nature but they get success late.

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Sanjitha Personality

The zodiac sign of a girl named Sanjitha is Aquarius. Girls named Sanjitha are talented, self-controlled, and soft-hearted. Girls with the name Sanjitha are very intelligent and they feel proud of their intelligence. It is a little difficult to understand the nature of women named Sanjitha associated with this zodiac sign. Although girls named Sanjitha talk well with everyone, they make friends very carefully. Girls of this zodiac sign i.e. girls named Sanjitha have a lot of sympathy and they help the needy a lot.

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Sanjitha's zodiac Aquarius Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Snehakant Lord of Love Hindu
Snehal Friendly Hindu
Snehalata Creeper of Love, Vine of Love Hindu
Snehali Full of Love Hindu
Snehan Affectionate Hindu
Snehanshn Affectionate Hindu
Snehant Hindu
Snehardh A true friend Hindu
Sneharsh Love & happiness Hindu
Snehasish Bless of Love Hindu
Snehelata Creeper of Love, Vine of Love Hindu
Snehi Friendly Hindu
Snehil Love, Affection Hindu
Snehin A friend Hindu
Snehit A friend, Be friendly Hindu
Snehith A friend, Be friendly Hindu
Snehitha Friendly Hindu
Snehraj Hindu
Snigda Affectionate, Smooth, Tender Hindu
Snigdha Affectionate, Smooth, Tender Hindu
Snighda Soft nature Hindu
Sniharika Hindu
Snija Hindu
Snikith Hindu
Snithi Obtainment, Master of justice Hindu
Snithik Friendly Hindu
Snithika Hindu
Sniti Master of justice Hindu
Snover Hindu
Snusha Daughter-in-law Hindu
Soanjan Drumstick tree Hindu
Sobaika Gold Hindu
Sobha Beautiful, Attractive Hindu
Sobhana The one who shines, Splendid, Ornamental, Shining, Beautiful, Turmeric Hindu
Sobhitha The one who shines, Splendid, Ornamental, Shining Hindu
Sobitha Hindu
Sobiya Hindu
Sochael Beautiful Hindu
Soha Name of a star, Celebration, A musical Raag Hindu
Sohaan Smart, Good looking, Handsome Hindu
Sohadrita Hindu
Sohail Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome Hindu
Sohalia Moon glow Hindu
Soham The presence of divinity of each soul, I am him . every soul has a presence of God in it.god is within Hindu
Sohan Smart, Good looking, Handsome Hindu
Sohana Graceful, Beautiful Hindu
Soheil Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome Hindu
Sohel Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome Hindu
Sohil Beautiful Hindu
Sohim Beautiful, Handsome Hindu