Name Sarniha
Meaning Desire
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu
Numerology 7
Length 3.5
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Sarniha Meaning

If you are thinking of naming your child Sarniha, then it is important to know its meaning first. Let us tell you that Sarniha means Desire. Having Desire is considered very good and this is also reflected in the people named Sarniha. Sarniha Before naming a name, it is important to know its meaning. The name Sarniha means Desire and the effect of this meaning is also visible like the person named Sarniha. Because of the meaning of the name, people named Sarniha are very much liked in society. You can see the effect of the meaning of the name Sarniha in their nature. Below, the zodiac sign, lucky number, nature, and Desire of the name Sarniha are explained in detail.

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Sarniha's Lucky Number

Girls named Sarniha have the lucky number 8 and come under the planet Saturn. Girls whose name is Sarniha and lucky number is 8, they have no shortage of money. The most special thing about the girls named Sarniha of this number is that they make their own rules. People whose name is Sarniha like music very much. Girls named Sarniha do not depend on others' help or luck. They reach the heights of success through their efforts. Women named Sarniha achieve success in their lives but later they are kind.

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Sarniha Personality

Women named Sarniha belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Women named Sarniha are self-controlled and talented. Girls named Sarniha associated with Aquarius are very proud of themselves because they have no lack of intelligence. It is a little difficult to understand the nature of women named Sarniha associated with this zodiac sign. Women named Sarniha behave well in society but choose friends very carefully. Women of Sarniha whose zodiac sign is Aquarius are sympathetic towards the needy and also help them.

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Sarniha's zodiac Aquarius Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Sarang A musical instrument, Distinguished, Brilliance, Light, Jewel, Gold light, The earth, A musical Raag another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva Hindu
Sarangi Distinguished, Doe, Musical instrument, A musical Raagini Hindu
Sarani The earth, Protector, Guardian Hindu
Saransh Summary, In brief, Precise, Result Hindu
Saranya Surrendered Hindu
Saranyan The one who bestows protection to anyone who comes seeking it. the word Sharan in Sanskrit means protection. and the one who bestows it is Sharanyan Hindu
Saras Swan, The Moon Hindu
Sarasa Swan Hindu
Sarasangi Name of a Raga Hindu
Sarasati Hindu
Sarasi Jolly, Happy Hindu
Sarasij Lotus Hindu
Sarasija Lotus Hindu
Sarasu Swan Hindu
Sarasvat Learned Hindu
Sarasvati Goddess Saraswati, Tamil Goddess for education, Goddess of learning Hindu
Sarasvi Water, Saraswathi Goddess Hindu
Saraswath Learned Hindu
Saraswathi Goddess Saraswati, Tamil Goddess for education, Goddess of learning Hindu
Saraswathy Goddess Saraswati, Tamil Goddess for education, Goddess of learning Hindu
Saraswati Goddess Saraswati, Tamil Goddess for education, Goddess of learning Hindu
Sarat Autumn, Super boy, Complete or meaningful Hindu
Sarath Autumn, Super boy, Complete or meaningful Hindu
Sarathi Charioteer of Partha, Lord Krishna Hindu
Sarav Clump of reeds Hindu
Saravana Clump of reeds, Lord Murugan Hindu
Saravanan Clump of reeds, Lord Murugan Hindu
Saravantej Hindu
Saravati A river Hindu
Sarawathi Water owner Hindu
Sarayu River Sharayu, Holy river Hindu
Sarba Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Perfect, Complete Hindu
Sarbagya All knowing Hindu
Sarbajit One who has conquered everything Hindu
Sarbani Goddess Durga, Name of Durga, Omnipresent, Perfect Hindu
Sarbesh Master of all or God or king or Lord of all, Emperor, Lord Shiva Hindu
Sarbojit Winner Hindu
Sarendar Sarvaniki endrudu Hindu
Saresh Hindu
Sarga Musical notes Hindu
Sargam Musical notes Hindu
Sargini Composed of parts Hindu
Sariga Really smart Hindu
Sarik Resembling a small song bird, Melodious, Stream, Precious Hindu
Sarika Koel or Cuckoo or a thing of beauty or nature, Princess, The mynah bird, Beauty, Friend, Another name for Durga, Melodious, Flute Hindu
Saril One that bring essence, Water Hindu
Sarin Helpful Hindu
Sarina Serene, Tranquil Hindu
Sarish Equal, Morning Hindu
Sarisha Charming Hindu