Name Tushir
Meaning New small leaf
Gender Boy
Religion Hindu
Numerology 5
Length 3
Zodiac Sign Libra

Tushir Meaning

Tushir The meaning of the name is New small leaf. If you know the meaning of Tushir before naming your baby, it can make your baby's life better. Due to New small leaf the name Tushir becomes very beautiful. The name Tushir is considered very good in the scriptures and its meaning is also liked by the people. As we told you Tushir means New small leaf and you can also see the effect of this meaning in the behavior of the person named Tushir. People with the name Tushir are exactly like the meaning of their name. Further, the zodiac sign and lucky number of the name Tushir or the New small leaf of the name Tushir are explained in detail.

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Tushir's Lucky Number

Tushir The name comes under the planet Venus. Their lucky number is 6. People with the number 6 are very attractive and beautiful. They like cleanliness and always perform well in the fields of art. People with the name Tushir are fond of traveling. They are patient by nature. People with number 6 have no shortage of money and their lives are prosperous. People with number 6 get immense love and support from their families.

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Tushir Personality

People with the name Tushir are of Libra zodiac sign. There is a lot of lack of balance in their life because they are very selfish and always think about themselves. People named Tushir change according to their needs. They can think far ahead and are also excellent at giving arguments. People named Tushir are gentle by nature but they are unable to make any kind of decisions because they do not like to take responsibility. It is a habit of people named Tushir to compare themselves with others.

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Tushir's zodiac Libra Names, Rashi & Horoscope

Name Meaning Religion
Rup Look, Blessed with beauty, Shape, Beauty Hindu
Rupa Look, Blessed with beauty, Shape, Beauty, The earth, Silver Hindu
Rupak DLord Ramatic composition, Sign, Feature Hindu
Rupal Made of silver Hindu
Rupali Pretty, Beautiful, Shapely Hindu
Rupam Beautiful Hindu
Rupan Beautiful Hindu
Rupang Beautiful Hindu
Ruparna Beautiful Hindu
Rupashi Beautiful, Beautiful lady Hindu
Rupashree Beautiful Hindu
Rupashri Beautiful Hindu
Rupasi Beautiful, Beautiful lady Hindu
Rupasri Beautiful Hindu
Rupendra Lord of the form Hindu
Rupesh Looks like Ishwar, The supreme God of Hindu, Lord of beauty Hindu
Rupeshwar Lord of the form Hindu
Rupeshwari Goddess of beauty Hindu
Rupi Look, Blessed with beauty, Shape, Beauty Hindu
Rupik Gold or silver coin, Shapely Hindu
Rupika Shapely, Gold or silver coin Hindu
Rupin Embodied beauty Hindu
Rupinder Lord of beauty Hindu
Rupneel Hindu
Rupneet Person with a beautiful nature Hindu
Rupraj Beautiful Hindu
Rupriya Beautiful pretty Hindu
Rushaal Higher then charming Hindu
Rushab Decoration Hindu
Rushabh A musical note, Superior, Morality, Bull, Excellent Hindu
Rushali Bright girl Hindu
Rusham Peaceful, Calm Hindu
Rushama Calm Hindu
Rushang Son of saint Hindu
Rushank Lord Shiva, Charming enlightment Hindu
Rushant Hindu
Rushanth Hindu
Rushat Bright, Shining, Brilliant, White Hindu
Rushati Fair skinned Hindu
Rusheek Son of saint, Lord of the earth Hindu
Rushi Sag Hindu
Rushik Son of saint, Lord of the earth Hindu
Rushika Born with blessings of Lord Shiva Hindu
Rushikeh One who controls senses, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Rushikesh One who controls senses, Lord Vishnu Hindu
Rushil Charming, Polite, Aimable Hindu
Rushit Prosperity Hindu
Rushita Bright girl Hindu
Rushitha Bright girl Hindu
Rushits Hindu