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The practice of naming names has been going on in sikh since ancient times. In sikh religion, attention is paid to keeping a Girl name which has a good meaning. In sikh such a process is created, in which a good name of Girl is selected. It is through the name of Girl that a person gets a special identity in life. In sikh the process of naming was carried out so that a person could have a special identity beyond all others. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. According to the sikh religion, for a child to have a good and attractive influence in society, the name of the Girl name should have a special meaning depending on the sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. M The Girl of letter names can leave a positive impact on others. People associated with sikh believe that the nature of Girl mostly matches its name. Your goodness and badness, nature, and your speech are reflected in the first letter of your name. In sikh religion, it is believed that the people whose name starts with Girl letter, die only after achieving success. They face challenges with full courage and courage. sikh In religion, daughters are named after their birth. Parents mostly want Girl to have a name that has some meaning because it will have a direct impact on the child's personality and future.

Sikh girl names starting with M with meanings

Name Meaning
Mukh Face
Milkha Monarch, King
Mesh Strong, Ruler, Royal, Another name for Vishnu
Meharjot Light of grace
Mehar Courtesy of God
Mayree My, Mine
Mayray Of mine
Manukha Human form
Mansundar Beautiful soul
Mansheetal Satisfaction of heart
Manroop Beautiful mind
Manreet Custom of heart
Manpriya Beloved heart
Manprem Affectionate heart
Manmukat Liberated from mind
Manjodh One who battles against the evils
Mandiraa Cymbals, Home, A dwelling, Sacred, Temple, Sea, Melodious, The melodious sound produced by cymbals
Mahinga Dear, Expensive
Mahansukh Great happiness
Mahanjot Exalted light
Mahangun Treasure of great virtues
Mahangiaan Great wisdom and enlightenment
Madhurbaen Sweet words

Sikh girl names starting with