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sikh The practice of naming in religion has been prevalent since ancient times. The Girl born in the sikh religion is given a name which has some meaning. To name the Girl, a process has to be done in the religion. Has been ensured. In the present life, we can see that the name of Girl itself gives it a different identity. In reality, the purpose of naming sikh is to give Girl a distinct identity from other people. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. According to the sikh religion, for a child to have a good and attractive influence in society, the name of the Girl name should have a special meaning depending on the sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. G The Girl of letter names can leave a positive impact on others. In sikh it is believed that one's nature is determined by the name of Girl. Whether her behavior is good or bad, whether she is sociable by nature or not, whether there is bitterness or sweetness in her speech, all these things can be found out from the first letter of the name i.e. Girl. People who are associated with sikh and whose name starts with G are successful in their lives. Not only this, these girls are not afraid of the ups and downs or challenges in their lives. On the contrary, they face it firmly. sikh People of religion give great importance to the process of naming the child after her birth. Parents put a lot of thought into naming Girl. In sikh religion, it is believed that a good and meaningful name has a good impact on Girl's future, career, and personality.

Sikh girl names starting with G with meanings

Name Meaning
Gyanleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge
Gurupreet Love of the enlightener
Guruka Belonging to the enlightener
Gursukh One who is blissful through Guru
Gursiman Remembering the Guru
Gursheen Gurus pride
Gurshakti Power of Guru
Gurrishma Gur is related to gurus and Rishma is the first rays of the Moon
Gurpreet Love of Guru, Gurus Love
Gurpinder Guru of kings
Gurparveen Goddess of the stars
Gurnoor Pleasant face of God
Gurneet Gurus moral
Gurneesh Gurus grace
Gurnamaskar Obeisance to Guru
Gurmander Gurus temple
Gurmail Gurus friend
Gurleen In serve of teacher
Gurkiran Light from the Guru
Gurka Belonging to Guru
Gurjeet Victory of the Guru, Triumph of the Guru
Guriya Guidance
Gurisha Wish of Guru
Gurhimmat Courage from gurus guidance
Gurgian Having knowledge of gurus word
Gureet Of the Guru
Gurditta One born with gurus blessing
Gurdita Gift of Guru
Guramrit Guru ka Amrit, Holy Amrit
Gunreet People with this name tend to be very inspired, Intuitive, And creative. they strive to see the big picture and achieve their dreams
Gunmeet A friend of qualities
Gunjun To humm
Gunjeet Victory of virtue
Guneetpreet Love for excellence
Gun Attribute, Excellence, Merit, Quality, Virtue
Gulbagh Rose garden, Paradise
Gianpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
Giaanpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
Geetleen Absorbed in the songs of bliss
Gauravpreet Love for glory
Gatsimar Liberation through meditation
Gatleen Merged in freedom

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