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The practice of naming names has been going on in sikh since ancient times. In sikh religion, attention is paid to keeping a Girl name which has a good meaning. In sikh such a process is created, in which a good name of Girl is selected. It is through the name of Girl that a person gets a special identity in life. In sikh the process of naming was carried out so that a person could have a special identity beyond all others. Apart from India, there are many other countries in the world in which people of sikh religion have been adopting the process of naming for years. In sikh religion, it is believed that the Girl name should be auspicious, beautiful, and with a good meaning. Having a good name gives Girl a lot of prestige in society and people get attracted to it quickly. People associated with sikh believe that the nature of Girl mostly matches its name. Your goodness and badness, nature, and your speech are reflected in the first letter of your name. In sikh religion, it is believed that the people whose name starts with Girl letter, die only after achieving success. They face challenges with full courage and courage. Naming a girl's child after her birth is considered very important in sikh. Girl's name is taken very carefully by her parents. Parents often choose a name for their baby that has a special meaning, because it is believed that a good name is related to the girl's nature and her future.

Sikh girl names starting with H with meanings

Name Meaning
Hualeena Light
Hoojoe Guard
Hetpaul Protector of Love
Harsukh Peaceful through dwelling on God
Harsimrat Gods remebrance
Harsimransukh Peace with remembrance of God
Harsimranjot Light of remembrance of God
Harsimranjodh Warrior in remembrance of God
Harsimran Remembrance of God
Harshardha Faith in God
Harseetal Peaceful through remembering God
Harseerat Light
Harroop Beautiful God
Harpreetkour Loving each
Harpooj Worshipping God
Haroop Beautiful God
Harneez Equal treatment to all
Harminder God of heaven
Harmansukh Peace from gods heart
Harlaxmi Deities of fortune
Harigun Virtuous God
Haridatta Gods gift
Hariamrit Nectar of God
Hargurmeet God and gurus friend
Hargeet Lords blissful songs
Hardipa Lamp of God
Harbakhs Gods gift
Haranjan To Stay in Eyes of God
Haramrit Gods immortalizing nectar
Hanit Happiness, Spade
Hamreet Beloved of God, Friend of God
Huzra Prudence
Humpreet Hum aur Preet

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