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sikh The practice of naming in religion has been prevalent since ancient times. The Girl born in the sikh religion is given a name which has some meaning. To name the Girl, a process has to be done in the religion. Has been ensured. In the present life, we can see that the name of Girl itself gives it a different identity. In reality, the purpose of naming sikh is to give Girl a distinct identity from other people. Apart from India, there are many other countries in the world in which people of sikh religion have been adopting the process of naming for years. In sikh religion, it is believed that the Girl name should be auspicious, beautiful, and with a good meaning. Having a good name gives Girl a lot of prestige in society and people get attracted to it quickly. People associated with sikh believe that the nature of Girl mostly matches its name. Your goodness and badness, nature, and your speech are reflected in the first letter of your name. In sikh religion, it is believed that the people whose name starts with Girl letter, die only after achieving success. They face challenges with full courage and courage. sikh People of religion give great importance to the process of naming the child after her birth. Parents put a lot of thought into naming Girl. In sikh religion, it is believed that a good and meaningful name has a good impact on Girl's future, career, and personality.

Sikh girl names starting with P with meanings

Name Meaning
Premsiri Greatest Love
Premleen Absorbed in Love of God
Premjyoti Lamp of Love
Preetinder God of Love cupid
Praneeta Led forward, Conducted, Advanced, Promoted, Pure water
Prabhsukh Attaining peace by remembering God
Prabhsimran Admiration of God
Prabhsimar One who remembers God
Prabhseetal Attaining peace through God
Prabhnirmal One who is pure like God
Prabhmehar One blessed with gods grace
Prabhleen Absorbed in Love of God
Prabhgun One having godly merits
Prabhgiaan Divine knowledge
Prabhgeet Songs of God
Prabhatkiran Morning Ray
Parvinder God of the gods
Parneet Married
Parmindar God of the gods, Highest God
Paramsukh Supreme Joy and bliss
Paramsimran Highest worship
Paramseetal Most peaceful and Happy
Paramliv Absorbed in the highest
Paramleen Absorbed in the highest, God
Paramgun Having highest virtues
Paramgiaan True knowledge
Palvinder Moments spent with Lord

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