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Since ancient times, the practice of naming within sikh religion has been widespread. In sikh, great importance is placed on selecting a name that carries significance. The process of choosing the best name for Boy is guided by religious principles. In everyday life, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The tradition of naming in religion was initiated to distinguish individuals from one another. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. sikh For a child's influence to be good and attractive in society, the Boy name should have a special meaning based on sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. N The letters in the name Boy can leave a positive impact on others. sikh According to the religion, the name of Boy tells about his personality. The first letter of your name, which is N, tells about whether you are good or bad, whether you speak sweet or bitter and what is your nature. Success is certain for people whose name starts with N, associated with religion. Not only this, this Boy is not afraid of any difficulty that comes in life but fights it with courage. After the birth of the child, he is named according to his religion. However, these days some parents decide on the name of the child based on guess before birth or study on it. Their motive behind doing this is to have a good name. Anyway, the name has a deep impact on life. The first letter of the name Boy ensures the future, career, personality, etc.

Sikh boy names starting with N with meanings

Name Meaning
Nripjot Light of king
Nripinder Lord of kings
Noulakh Of nine hundred thousand
Noorpreet Love for divine light
Noorneet Eternal divine light
Noordev Divine light
Noordeep A lamp of light
Nitnam Ceaselessly remembers the Lord
Nischaijeet Sure victory
Nirvair One who is without enmity, Hate
Nirmol Without price, Priceless, Invaluable
Nirmaltek Support of holy one
Nirmalsev Performing holy service
Nirmalprem Pure Love
Nirmalpreet Pure Love
Nirmalkaram One whose actions are holy
Nirmaljot Immaculate pure light
Nirmaljog Union with the holy one
Nirmaljeev Holy being
Nirmaljeet Victory of purity
Nirmaljas Gods holy praises
Nirmaldharam Religious holy virtues
Nirmaldeep Holy lamp
Nirmalchit Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy
Nirmalcheet Pure consciousness, One whose heart is holy
Nirmalbir Holy and brave
Nirbhau Without fear, Fearless
Nirbaan Nirvana
Nir Water. one of the five elements of the world. it is the essence of life
Ninderpaul Preserver of good sleep
Ninderjot Light of good sleep
Ninderjeet Victorious with good sleep
Ninderbir Brave with good sleep
Ninder One who sleeps well
Nimmardeep Modest lamp
Nimmapreet Love for modesty
Nimai Adjusted, Ascetic
Nihchaltek Firm support
Nihchalprem Firm Love
Nihchalpreet Firm Love
Nihchalmeet Firm friend
Nihchaljot Firm light
Nihchaljeet Firm victory
Nihchalbir Firm and brave
Nekroop Of noble form
Nekpaal Protector of nobility
Neknam Good conduct
Nekjot Noble light
Nekjeet Noble victory
Nekinder Decent king
Nekdeep Noble lamp
Nehchaltek One whose faith in God is steadfast
Nehchalpreet One whose Love is true
Nehchaljot Immovable light
Nehchalbir Immovable warrior
Neetipal Protector of law
Neetiman Lawful
Neerajpaul Protector of lotus
Neelampreet Love for sapphire
Neelampaul Preserver of sapphire
Neelamjot Light of sapphire
Neelamjeet Victory of sapphire
Neelambir Sapphire warrior
Neelamber Blue Sky, God of Sky
Nazarpreet Love for sight
Nayandeep Light of the eye
Navroop New generation
Navreet Fresh ritual, Angel
Navprem Noble Love
Navpreet New Love
Navnihal The youth
Navmeet Novel friend
Navleen Love
Navkiranjeet Novel victory
Navjot The new light, Always bright
Navjodh Novel warrior
Navjinder Everfresh Lord
Navjeevan Everfresh life
Navjeev The ever fresh life
Navjeet The new victory
Navinder Brave Lord
Navijeet Ever-fresh victory
Naveenjot Novel light
Naveenjeet Novel victory
Navbir The new warrior
Navaljyot A new Ray of light
Nather Warner, Eyes
Narvinder Brave Lord
Narveer Brave person
Narsev In the service of humanity
Narpreet Love for human being
Narleet Imbued with king
Narjodh Great warrior
Narjeet Winner, Ruler of heart
Naritpal Protector of king
Narinderpal Protector of a Man of the God of heaven
Narinderjot Kings light
Narinderdeep Kings lamp
Narinderbir Brave king

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