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Since ancient times, the practice of naming within sikh religion has been widespread. In sikh, great importance is placed on selecting a name that carries significance. The process of choosing the best name for Boy is guided by religious principles. In everyday life, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The tradition of naming in religion was initiated to distinguish individuals from one another. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. sikh For a child's influence to be good and attractive in society, the Boy name should have a special meaning based on sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. L The letters in the name Boy can leave a positive impact on others. In sikh it is believed that one's nature is determined by the name of Boy. Whether his behavior is good or bad, whether he is sociable by nature or not, whether there is bitterness or sweetness in his speech, all these things can be found out from the first letter of the name i.e. Boy. People who are associated with sikh and whose name starts with L, are successful in life. Not only this, they are not afraid of the ups and downs or challenges in their life. On the contrary, we face it boldly. sikh In religion, naming ceremony takes place after the birth of the child. Parents mostly want Boy to have a name that has some meaning because it will have a direct impact on the child's personality and future.

Sikh boy names starting with L with meanings

Name Meaning
Luvdeep Illuminated absorbtion
Lovprem Love of adoration
Lovpreet Love for adoration
Lovleen Absorbed, Imbued, Infused
Lovepreet Loving
Lovejeet Who wins the heart, Girl can made for this person
Lovedeep A person that cares about everyone, Helps everyone, Puts everyone before him
Lovdeep Attachment to illumination
Loksewak Absorbed in serving others
Lokroop Embodiment of the people
Lokraaj Rule of the people
Lokprem One who loves people
Lokpreet One who loves people
Lokpal Protector of the people
Lokmeet Friend of the people
Lochanpreet Love for desires
Lochanpal Protector of desire
Livtar Love unending
Livsharan Absorbed in the lotus feet of God
Livpreet Love of adoration, Absorbed in gem of the holy word, Beloved
Livnaam Absorbed in naam
Livkamal Absorbed in lotus feet of God
Livjeevan A life absorbed in God
Livgiaan Absorbed in divine knowledge
Livdeep Absorbed in the light of God, Illuminated Love
Livchit Absorbed in consciousness
Livchet Absorbed in remembrance of God
Livavtar Love incarnate
Livaatam Absorbed in the soul
Lavpreet Swaggerific
Lavindeep Illuminated, infused lamp, Bright future
Laveneet Soccer
Lashkar Army
Lakhwinder Lakh-w-inder-meaning is the Man who has defeated lakhs of inders Indian Lord Indra)
Lakhvir Brave as hundred thousand
Lakhviar Heroic quality
Lakhsman Quality of mind
Lakhprem Love of hundred thousand
Lakhpreet Love of hundred thousand
Lakhminder Lord of hundred thousand
Lakhmeet Friend of hundred thousand
Lakhbir Brave as hundred thousand
Lakhabir Brave as hundred thousand
Lajwant Honourable, Modest
Lajprem Love of honour
Lajpreet Love of honour
Lajpal Protector of honour
Laavindeep Illuminated, infused lamp, Bright future

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