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Since ancient times, the practice of naming within sikh religion has been widespread. In sikh, great importance is placed on selecting a name that carries significance. The process of choosing the best name for Boy is guided by religious principles. In everyday life, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The tradition of naming in religion was initiated to distinguish individuals from one another. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. sikh For a child's influence to be good and attractive in society, the Boy name should have a special meaning based on sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. F The letters in the name Boy can leave a positive impact on others. People associated with sikh believe that the nature of Boy mostly matches its name. Your goodness and badness, nature, and your speech are reflected in the first letter of your name. In sikh religion, it is believed that those whose name starts with F, die only after achieving success. They face challenges with full courage and courage. After the birth of a child, naming it with full rituals is considered very important in religion. Boy's name is taken very carefully by his parents. Parents often choose a name for their baby that has a special meaning, because it is believed that a good name is related to the person's nature and future.

Sikh boy names starting with F with meanings

Name Meaning
Fojinder Army troop of the God of heaven
Fatehwant Complete victory
Fatehroop Embodiment of victory
Fatehpreet Love for victory
Fatehpal Victorious protector
Fatehnaam Victory of naam
Fatehmeet Friendly victory
Fatehkaram Victory of good deeds
Fatehjit Victorious victor
Fatehdharam Righteous victory
Fatehdeep Lamp of victory
Fatehbir The victorious brave
Fatehbhoop Victorious king
Fakeer A saintly person, Devotee

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