Baby Names

The practice of keeping names in sikh has been going on since ancient times. In sikh religion, attention is given to keeping a name for Boy which has a good meaning. In sikh religion, such a method is given. is created, in which a good name of Boy is selected. It is through the name of Boy that a person gets a special identity in life. In sikh the process of naming was carried out so that a person could have a special identity beyond all others. Not only in India but also in other countries, people of various religions have been following the practice of naming for the last four decades. According to their respective religions, the name of an individual, regardless of gender, should be beautiful and meaningful. This ensures that the person is respected in society and has a positive impact on others. In the realm of religion, it is believed that the behavior of an individual, regardless of their gender, is largely influenced by their name. Your behavior, disposition, whether you are good or bad, and even the tone of your speech – all of these aspects are thought to be reflected in the initial letter of your name, denoted as [Letter]. According to this religious perspective, individuals whose names start with the letter [Letter] tend to achieve success in life and are unafraid of confronting challenges, regardless of their gender. sikh People of religion give great importance to the process of naming the child after his birth. Parents put a lot of thought into naming Boy. In sikh religion, it is believed that a good and meaningful name has a good impact on Boy's future, career and personality.

Sikh boy names starting with Y with meanings

Name Meaning
Yuvrajpreet Love for the crown Prince
Yuvrajpal Protector of the crown Prince
Yuvrajmeet Friendly crown Prince
Yuvrajdeep Lamp of the crown Prince
Yuvrajbir Brave crown Prince
Yuvleen Absorbed in youthfulness
Yudhjeet Victorious in war
Yogeshpal Protector of Yoga
Yatinpal Preserver of ascetic
Yashvinder Praise of God in heaven
Yashvant A person who attains fame and glory
Yashpreet Love of fame
Yashpaal Protector of fame
Yashnoor Beauty of glory
Yashminder Lord of fame
Yashjot Glorious light
Yashjeet Glorious victory
Yashdip Success, The light of glory
Yashdev God of glory
Yashbir Glorious and brave
Yakeen Trust, Belief, Lord Shiva
Yadwinder Trust, Belief
Yadvir Gods saint, In the memories of all gurus
Yadvinder Trust, Belief
Yadleen One absorbed in gods remembrance
Yaadveer Steadfast in gods remembrance
Yaadroop One who remembers God
Yaadbir The brave who remembers God

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