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sikh The practice of naming has been going on for a long time. In sikh religion, only that name is given more importance which has a special meaning. If the name of Boy starts with U then its nature But its effect is visible. It can be easily seen that the letter U is what makes Boy different from other people and gives identity. That is why the purpose or purpose of keeping a name in sikh is fixed, that is, the Boy identity should be different and its personality should be different from others. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. sikh For a child's influence to be good and attractive in society, the Boy name should have a special meaning based on sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. U The letters in the name Boy can leave a positive impact on others. In sikh it is believed that one's nature is determined by the name of Boy. Whether his behavior is good or bad, whether he is sociable by nature or not, whether there is bitterness or sweetness in his speech, all these things can be found out from the first letter of the name i.e. Boy. People who are associated with sikh and whose name starts with U, are successful in life. Not only this, they are not afraid of the ups and downs or challenges in their life. On the contrary, we face it boldly. After the birth of the child, he is named according to his religion. However, these days some parents decide on the name of the child based on guess before birth or study on it. Their motive behind doing this is to have a good name. Anyway, the name has a deep impact on life. The first letter of the name Boy ensures the future, career, personality, etc.

Sikh boy names starting with U with meanings

Name Meaning
Uttamvichaar Of exalted thoughts and reflections
Uttamveer The exalted bravery and courage
Uttamtek Exalted support
Uttamteerath Best holy place
Uttamsaroop Most beauteous
Uttamroop Of beauteous form
Uttamreet Exalted way of life
Uttamras Highest elixir
Uttamprem Love of the best
Uttampreet Exalted Love, Love of the divine
Uttamprakash Of exalted light
Uttampal Immersed in the Love of divine
Uttampad Exalted rank, Ultimate liberation
Uttamnivaas Exalted abode
Uttamlok Exalted people
Uttamkaram Exalted grace
Uttamjot The exalted, Divine light, Flame of the best
Uttamjog Exalted union with God
Uttamjodh The exalted warrior
Uttamjeevan One living and exalted life
Uttamjaap Exalted meditation
Uttamgiaan Exalted knowledge
Uttamdharam Exalted religion
Uttamdeep Light of the best
Uttamchit Of exalted consciousness, Of exalted mind and awareness
Uttamcheet Of exalted consciousness, Of exalted mind and awareness
Uttambir Brave warrior
Uttambhagat Excellent devotee
Ushwant Completely wise
Urveer Heroic strength
Upraj The noble king
Upneet Brought in proximity
Upkeerat Of exalted glory and praises
Upkaram Of noble actions
Upjeet Victory for proximity, Of exalted victory, Winning, To acquire by victory
Upinderpreet Love for the proximity of God
Upindermeet Friendly in the proximity of God
Upinderjot Light in the proximity of God
Upinderjit Victory in the proximity of God
Upinder Of the God in heaven
Updesh One who preaches and counsels, Sermon
Upavan Salvation
Unmaan State of knowledge
Unkarpreet Love for the name of God
Unkarjit Victory in the name of God
Umeed Hope, Expectation, Wish, Desire, Trust, Greed
Umaid Inspire hope
Ujjalwant Full of brightness
Ujjalreet Living a holy way of life
Ujjaljot Bright light
Ujjalbir Brave and bright
Ujagarpreet Brilliant Love
Ujagarnaam Famous name
Ujagarmeet Brilliant friend
Ujagarjot Famous light
Ujagarjit Famous victory
Ujagardeep Famous lamp
Ujagarbir Famous and brave
Ujaagar Famous, Renowned person, Bright
Uditpreet Shinning Love
Uditpal Shinning protector
Uditmeet Risen friend
Uditdeep Shinning lamp
Uditbir Shining brave
Uddamwant Full of effort
Uddamsukh Happy effort
Uddampreet Love for effort
Uddampal Protector of effort
Uddamjit Victory of effort
Uddambir One who strives and is brave
Uddam Diligence
Udayjot The rising light
Udaiyan Rising
Udaipreet Rising Love
Udaiprakash Rising light
Udaipal Fostered by the rising Sun
Udaijeet Rising victory
Udaibir Rising brave
Udaibhagat Rising devotee
Uchprem Love for elevation
Uchpreet Love for elevation
Uchpal Protector of elevation
Uchnaam Elevated name
Uchmeet Friend of elevation
Uchitwant Fully right
Uchitroop Right and beauteous
Uchitprem Love for the right
Uchitpreet Love for the right
Uchitpal Protector of right
Uchitnaam Right naam
Uchitlok Right world
Uchitkaram Right deeds
Uchitjot Light of the right
Uchitjeet Victorious of the right
Uchitdeep Lamp of the right
Uchitbir Brave and right

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