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Since ancient times, the practice of naming within sikh religion has been widespread. In sikh, great importance is placed on selecting a name that carries significance. The process of choosing the best name for Boy is guided by religious principles. In everyday life, a person's name plays a crucial role in defining their identity. The tradition of naming in religion was initiated to distinguish individuals from one another. In India and other countries, people associated with sikh have been naming Boy for the last many years. Usually, having a Boy name is a matter of joy for the parents. But at the same time, they do not compromise in any way regarding the meaning of the name. Parents keep a meaningful name for Boy so that its respect and prestige increase day by day and its future is also bright. All these things depend on the meaning of the Boy name. In the realm of religion, it is believed that the behavior of an individual, regardless of their gender, is largely influenced by their name. Your behavior, disposition, whether you are good or bad, and even the tone of your speech – all of these aspects are thought to be reflected in the initial letter of your name, denoted as [Letter]. According to this religious perspective, individuals whose names start with the letter [Letter] tend to achieve success in life and are unafraid of confronting challenges, regardless of their gender. sikh People of religion give great importance to the process of naming the child after his birth. Parents put a lot of thought into naming Boy. In sikh religion, it is believed that a good and meaningful name has a good impact on Boy's future, career and personality.

Sikh boy names starting with V with meanings

Name Meaning
Vivekpreet Love for wisdom
Vivekpaul Preserver of the wisdom
Vivekdeep Light of wisdom
Vivekbir Wise and brave
Visraman One who is carefree
Vismad Wondrous
Vishwpal Protector of the world
Vishwatam Soul of the world
Vishwarpreet Love of the world
Vishalpreet Immense Love
Vishaljot Immense light
Vishaljeet Great victory
Vishaldeep Tremendous lamp
Vishalbir Immense brave
Virpal Heroic protector, Protector of the brave
Virinder King of warriors
Vinitpaul Protector of modesty
Vinaypreet Love for modesty
Vinaypaul Preserver of modesty
Vinaydeep Lamp of modesty
Vinaybir Brave and modest
Vinaybeer Brave and modest
Vimalprem Pure Love
Vimalpreet Pure Love
Vimaljot Pure light
Vimaljeet Victorious of the pure
Vimaldeep Pure lamp
Vikrampal Preserver of bravery
Vikramjot Light of bravery
Vikramjit Victorious brave
Vikramdev God of valorous
Vijender God of bravery
Vijaypreet Love for victory
Vijaypratap Glory of victory
Vijaymeet Friendly victory
Vijaydeep Victory lamp
Vijaybir Victory of brave
Vicharleen Absorbed in reflection, Strong
Vichar Philosophy, Extensive reflection, Contemplation
Vichaardeep Lamp of reflection
Vichaarchetan One who is aware and reflective
Veerpal Heroic protector, Protector of the brave
Veerindar A brave godly person
Vasantpreet Love for Spring
Vasantdeep Spring lamp
Vasantbir Spring of brave
Varunpal Protected by God
Varunjeet Victory of God
Varundeep Lamp of God
Varseerat A beautiful gift by God
Variyam The brave one
Varinderpal Blessing of prtection by God in heaven
Variam Brave, Lion
Vanjeet Lord of the forest
Vamanjit Victory of impatience
Vamandeep Impatient lamp
Vamanbir Impatient brave
Vadbhag Fortunate one
Vachanpreet One who Love promise
Vachanbir Brave who keeps his promise
Vaaheguroo Wondrous enlightener

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