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sikh The practice of naming has been going on for a long time. In sikh religion, only that name is given more importance which has a special meaning. If the name of Boy starts with C then its nature But its effect is visible. It can be easily seen that the letter C is what makes Boy different from other people and gives identity. That is why the purpose or purpose of keeping a name in sikh is fixed, that is, the Boy identity should be different and its personality should be different from others. In other countries of the world including India, naming has been done by people associated with religion for many decades. sikh For a child's influence to be good and attractive in society, the Boy name should have a special meaning based on sikh religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives prestige in society. C The letters in the name Boy can leave a positive impact on others. sikh According to the religion, the name of Boy tells about his personality. The first letter of your name, which is C, tells about whether you are good or bad, whether you speak sweet or bitter and what is your nature. Success is certain for people whose name starts with C, associated with religion. Not only this, this Boy is not afraid of any difficulty that comes in life but fights it with courage. sikh People of religion give great importance to the process of naming the child after his birth. Parents put a lot of thought into naming Boy. In sikh religion, it is believed that a good and meaningful name has a good impact on Boy's future, career and personality.

Sikh boy names starting with C with meanings

Name Meaning
Chraranpal Protection of the lotus feet
Chitsaroop Supreme spirit
Chitranjan Inner Joy, Happiness from the heart, One who has joyful heart
Chitraman One who delights in consciousness
Chitprem Heart full of Love
Chitpreet Heart full of Love
Chitleen One absorbed in awareness
Chintanpreet One who loves to meditate
Chhanak Tinkling, Ringing
Chetveer Brave and aware
Chattarwant Full of wisdom
Chattarpal Fosterer of intelligence
Chattarmeet Intelligent friend
Chattarbir Intelligent and brave
Chatar Clever, Wise
Charnjit Respect-full, Blessed from everyone
Charminder Beautiful
Charanprem Love of gods feet
Charanpreet One who loves lords feet
Charanpal Protection under the gurus lotus feet
Charankawal Lotus like feet - as those of the Guru
Charankanwal Lotus-like feet
Charanjyot Light of gurus lotus feet
Chanpreet Love for the Moon
Chanderpreet Moons Love
Chanderjot Moons light
Chanderjit One who has conquered the Moon
Chandanpal Preserver of sandalwood
Chandandeep Sandal lamp
Chandanbir Sandal victory
Chanchalpreet Love for the lively
Chanchaljeet Victory of the lively
Chananpreet Love for the light of God
Chamkaur Battle field where guru Gobind singh fought
Chamanroop Beautiful like a garden
Chamanpreet Love for garden
Chamanjeet Victory of garden
Chakarpreet Loving servant
Chakardhar Lord Vishnu, The one who bears the Chakra
Chainpreet Peaceful Love

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