Baby Names

The first letter of the name of Girl has a profound impact on his life. The first letter of the name of Girl is also related to his nature. In fact, the first letter of the name has a positive effect on the life of Girl as well as a positive effect. The features and flaws are also affected by the first letter of the name. Every aspect of life shows the effect of the first letter of the name, which can be good or bad. For this reason, parents are very cautious before naming the child. Girl consults and naming the first letter of the name of the name. Although all the letters present in one name have special significance, but it is believed that the initial letter of the name has the highest energy. It means to say that all the motivational capabilities of personality are in the first letter of the name of Girl i.e. F. The difficulties, challenges and opportunities that come in the life of Girl can be detected with the first letter of its name. Not only this, the skills and successes of Girl are also estimated from the first letter F of the name.To know in relation to the future, the prophets first ask the first letter of the name of Girl such as F. After this, we study intensively on it. From this you can guess how important the first letter of the name is for your whole personality and life. Along with this, the future signs are also found from the first letter of the name of Girl. Therefore, to know how you are, what kind of thinking you think, how are thoughts, you can look at the first F of your name to know. The way females communicate, their anger levels, their verbosity, and whether they tend to be lazy or hardworking, among other traits, are often associated with a specific letter in the alphabet - the first letter of their name. In other words, the initial letter of your name, denoted as 'F,' can reveal a lot about your personality.

Girl names starting with F with meanings

Name Meaning Religion
Faajal Accomplished, Bountiful grace Sikh
Faal Oracle, Fruit Sikh
Faariha Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad, Delighted Muslim
Faatin Captivating, Clever, Smart, Fascinating Muslim
Faatina Captivating, Clever, Smart, Fascinating Muslim
Faazila Virtuous, Honest, Excellent Muslim
Fadeelah Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured and refined Muslim
Fadheela Virtue Muslim
Fadhiya Muslim
Fadia Savior, Redeemer Muslim
Fadila Good looking, Attractive Muslim
Fadilah Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured and refined Muslim
Fadiyah Redeemer, Self sacrificing Muslim
Fadwa Self sacrificing Muslim
Fadwah Name derived from self-sacrifice Muslim
Fadyaa Sacrificing Muslim
Faeezah Leader, Successful Muslim
Faekah Wise Muslim
Fahada Leopardess Muslim
Fahamitha Muslim
Faheemah Intelligent Muslim
Faheena Muslim
Fahhama Very intelligent, Learned Muslim
Fahima Intelligent Muslim
Fahimah Intelligent Muslim
Fahm Intellect, Intelligence Muslim
Fahmeedah Intelligent, Wise Muslim
Fahmida Intelligent and wise Muslim
Faida Benefit, Advantage, Gain Muslim
Faidah Benefit, Advantage Muslim
Faiha Fragrant from heaven Muslim
Faimina Lady Muslim
Faiqa Outstanding, Awake Muslim
Faiqah Surpassing, Excellent Muslim
Fairooza A precious gem Muslim
Fairuzah A precious gem Muslim
Faiza Victorious, Winner, Gain Muslim
Faizah Leader, Successful Muslim
Faizia Successful Muslim
Fajal Accomplished, Bountiful grace Sikh
Fakeehah Cheerful, Fruit Muslim
Fakhar Honor, Pride, Glory Muslim
Fakhira Excellent, Glorious Muslim
Fakhirah Splendid, Elegant Muslim
Fakhra Good, New Muslim
Fakhriya Proud, Honorary, Glory Muslim
Fakhriyah Honorary Muslim
Fakhtah A dove Muslim
Fakihah Cheerful, Fruit Muslim
Fakira Thinker Muslim
Fal Oracle, Fruit Sikh
Falahat Welfare, Benefit Muslim
Falaknaz Sky Muslim
Falaq Break of dawn, The Sky, Breeze Muslim
Falguni The day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Phaalgun which falls between february and march, Born in Falgun Hindu
Faliha Fortunate, Lucky, Successful Muslim
Falisha Happiness Muslim
Faloni In charge Hindu
Famya Good fame Muslim
Fanan Tree branch, Twig Muslim
Fanha Muslim
Fania Free Muslim
Fanila Able, Worthy Muslim
Faqiha Jurist, Expert Muslim
Faqirah (Name of a beautiful woman wife of murrah al-asadi) Muslim
Fara Sunset Muslim
Faraal Name of lion, Height Muslim
Farah Joy, Happiness, Excitement Muslim
Faranaaz Hope and Joy Muslim
Faranah Wonderous Muslim
Farani Sunshine Muslim
Faraza Success, Height Muslim
Fareeda Unique, Matchless, Precious Pearl or gem Muslim
Fareedah Unique, Precious gem Muslim
Fareefta Devotee, Lover Muslim
Fareeha Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad, Delighted Muslim
Fareess Life Muslim
Farha Happiness Muslim
Farhah Lively Muslim
Farhana Shehzadi, Princess Muslim
Farhanah Happy Muslim
Farheen Happy, Glad, Jubilant Muslim
Farhi Glad, Happy Muslim
Farhin Happy, Glad, Jubilant Muslim
Farhina Happiness Muslim
Farhiya Happy Muslim
Faria Beautiful, Kind and loving Muslim
Fariba Charming, Enticing Muslim
Farida Unique, Matchless, Precious Pearl or gem Muslim
Faridah Unique, Precious gem Muslim
Fariha Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad, Delighted Muslim
Farihah Brisk, Swift Muslim
Farisha Light Muslim
Farishta Angel Muslim
Fariza Light Muslim
Farizah Arch Muslim
Farkhanda Blessed Muslim
Farkhandah Happy, Lucky Muslim
Farnaz Splendid, Glorious Muslim
Farwa Fur Muslim
Faryal Angel Muslim
Faryat Delightful sunshine Muslim
Farzana Intelligence Muslim
Farzia Girl Muslim
Faseehah Eloquent Muslim
Faseela Some distance Muslim
Faseelah Some distance Muslim
Fasiha Eloquent, Fluent Muslim
Fasila Some distance Muslim
Fasiya A gentle woman Muslim
Fatema One sucking her mothers milk Muslim
Fatheha Name of the first surah in the Quran Muslim
Fathima Prophet muhammads daughter (Daughter of the prophet (PBUH)) Muslim
Fathiya Joy, Happiness, New beginning Muslim
Fathiyah Joy, Happiness, New beginning Muslim
Fatiha Opening, Introduction, Dawn Muslim
Fatihah Opening Muslim
Fatim A woman worthy of the ut-most praise Muslim
Fatima Prophet muhammads daughter Muslim
Fatimah Variant of Fatima (A daughter of the prophet (SAW)) Muslim
Fatina Charming Muslim
Fatinah Captivating, Alluring, Intelligent Muslim
Fatma My giving Muslim
Fattana Extremely beautiful, Charming Muslim
Fauqiyah High grade Muslim
Fausat Triumph Muslim
Fauzia Successful, Victorious Muslim
Fawha Breath of fragrance Muslim
Fawiza Successful Muslim
Fawz Victory, Successful Muslim
Fawza Victory, Triumph, Success Muslim
Fawzah Success Muslim
Fawzia Successful, Victorious Muslim
Fawziya Successful, Victorious Muslim
Fawziyah Victory, Successful Muslim
Fayha Fragrant from heaven Muslim
Fayona Beautiful, Pretty Muslim
Fayrooz Turquoise Muslim
Fayruz Turquoise Muslim
Fayyaza Muslim
Faza Youth, Bloom Muslim
Fazeela Faithful Muslim
Fazeen Increasing Muslim
Fazima Victory Muslim
Fazluna A flower in the desert Muslim
Fazzilet Blessings of Allah Muslim
Feerozah A precious stone Muslim
Feheema Intelligent, Judicious Muslim
Feiyaz Successful, Artistic Muslim
Fella Muslim
Fellah Arabian Jasmine Muslim
Femida Wise Muslim
Femina Lady Muslim
Fena Wild horse, Born with feet first Muslim
Fenal Angel of beauty Muslim
Feni Cool
Fenna Guardian of peace Hindu
Fenny Cool
Feral Hindu
Fida Redemption or sacrifice Muslim
Fidda Silver Muslim
Fikriya Wise Muslim
Fikriyah Intellectual Muslim
Fila Lover Muslim
Filza Light, Rose from heaven Muslim
Fir A sharp weapon Muslim
Firaki Fragrance Hindu
Firdausi Heavenly Muslim
Firdaws Paradise, Heaven, Garden Muslim
Firdoos Paradise Muslim
Firdous Paradise, Heaven, Garden Muslim
Firdowsa Highest garden of paradise Muslim
Firoza Successful, Turquoise, Gem stone Muslim
Firuza Successful, Turquoise, Gem stone Muslim
Firyal Old Arabic name Muslim
Fiza Breeze, Nature, Silver, Pure, Developed, Grown Muslim
Fizza Breeze, Nature, Silver, Pure, Developed, Grown Muslim
Fizzah Breeze, Nature, Silver, Pure, Developed, Grown Muslim
Flavina Hindu
Fojan Loud voice, Sound Muslim
Foolan Flowering, Blooming, Flower Hindu
Foolwati Delicate as a flower Hindu
Foram Fragrance Hindu
Forhana Happy, Ecstatic Muslim
Forouzan Shining Muslim
Forum Fragrance Hindu
Fouzia Victory, Triumphant, Success Muslim
Fozhan Loud voice, Sound Muslim
Fozia Forehead, Intelligence Muslim
Foziah Successful Muslim
Freeya Beloved, Goddess of Love, Noble, Lady Muslim
Freny Foreigner Hindu
Freya Beloved, Goddess of Love, Noble, Lady Hindu
Freyal Hindu
Frieda Peace, Protection
Friya Beloved, Goddess of Love, Noble, Lady Hindu
Fuada Heart Muslim
Fudayl Learned, Scholar Muslim
Fukayna Knowledgeable Muslim
Fulki Spark Hindu
Fullan Flowering, Blooming, Flower Hindu
Fullara (Wife of kalketu) Hindu
Fulmala Garland Hindu
Funoon Variety, Art Muslim
Furat Sweet water Muslim
Furayah Handsome, Well build Muslim
Furoozan Luminous, Radiant Muslim
Fusaylah Some distance Muslim
Fuseelah A narrator of Hadith Muslim
Futun Fascinations Muslim