Baby Names

The first letter of one's name has a profound impact on their life. It is also associated with their nature. The initial letter of a name has both positive and negative effects on an individual's life. Features and flaws are also influenced by the first letter of the name. Every aspect of life reflects the influence of the first letter in one's name, which can either be positive or negative. Consequently, parents exercise great caution when choosing a name for their child. They consult regarding the gender and select the initial letter of the name with care. Although every letter within a name holds significance, it is widely believed that the initial letter carries the most potent energy. In other words, all the motivational aspects of a person's personality are encapsulated in the first letter of their name, specifically, Boy's name beginning with the letter O. The letter O shows the level of skill and functionality possessed by Boy and predicts the level of success they are likely to achieve in life. The first letter of their name, i.e., O, also reveals the potential challenges and opportunities they may encounter in life. To gain insights into the future of Boy, futurists often begin by examining the first letter of their name. If the first letter of your name is O, then the letter O is carefully analyzed to uncover future possibilities because the initial letter of a name holds significant importance. It provides insights into the personality of Boy, revealing their nature and indicating the presence of both strengths and weaknesses. The first letter of a person's name, referred to as the 'Letter,' can provide insights into various aspects of their personality. It indicates how they present themselves to others, their social behavior, their propensity for anger, their communication style, and their tendency to praise themselves or genuinely appreciate others. All this information can be derived from the initial letter of their name.

Boy names starting with O with meanings

Name Meaning Religion
Obaid Small slave Muslim
Obalesh Lord Shiva, Lord of the linga, Epithet of Shiva Hindu
Obuli Name of a Hindu God Hindu
Oha Meditation, True knowledge Hindu
Ohas Praise Hindu
Oisin Divine Hindu
Ojas Body strength Hindu
Ojaswin Lustrous Hindu
Ojaswit Hindu
Ojayit Courageous Hindu
Ojis Teej ojisvi Hindu
Ojjaswin Body strength Hindu
Olka Homeland Muslim
Om The sacred syllable Hindu
Omaansh The sacred symbol of Om Hindu
Omahara Welling up of rapture Sikh
Omair Long living, Problem solver Muslim
Omanand Joy of Om Hindu
Omar Elevated, An Era, Long-lived Muslim
Omarjeet Lord of Om Hindu
Omav Avatar of Om, Incarnation of God Hindu
Omdutt Given by God Hindu
Omeed Hope Muslim
Omeir Long living, Problem solver Muslim
Omesa Lord of Om Hindu
Omesh Lord of the Om Hindu
Omeshwar Lord of the Om Hindu
Omid Hope Muslim
Omish Lord of the Om Hindu
Omja Born of cosmic unity Hindu
Omkar The sound of the sacred syllable, One who has the form of Om Hindu
Omkara The sound of the sacred syllable, One who has the form of Om Hindu
Omkareshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of Om Hindu
Omkarnath Lord of Omkar, Lord Shiva Hindu
Omkrish Hindu
Omna Pious, Pure Hindu
Ompati Master of Om Hindu
Omprakash Light of Om, Name of Lord Shiva Hindu
Ompreet Om means Lord Shiva, Preet means in Love with Lord Shiva Sikh
Omran Solid structure Muslim
Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity Hindu
Onain Vision Hindu
Oneesh Lord of mind Hindu
Onik Various, Soldier Hindu
Onir Shining Hindu
Onis Lord of mind Hindu
Onish Lord of mind Hindu
Onkar Onkar is the first phrase in the mul Mantra meaning there is only one God, 2 it is found in the gurmukhi script 3 and is consequently also part of the Sikh morning prayer, Japji Sahib Hindu
Onkarjeet Triumph of gods name, Triumph of the inseparable creator Sikh
Onkarjit Triumph of gods name, Triumph of the inseparable creator Sikh
Onkarjot Light of the god name Sikh
Onkarpreet Love of the inseparable creator Sikh
Onnesha Hindu
Ons Gladness Muslim
Onshuda Chant Muslim
Onsi One who brings calm and gladness to the heart Muslim
Oojam Enthusiasm Hindu
Oorjit Possesses great might, Powerful, Handsome, Noble, Excellent Hindu
Opinder One in proximity of the heavenly God, Very idealistic nature Sikh
Oppilmani Purest of gems Hindu
Oraibia Keen Muslim
Ori Charitable king Hindu
Orion Son of fire Hindu
Ormazd Divinity of wisdom Muslim
Osaf A well dancer Muslim
Osama Description of a lion, Brave Muslim
Oshin Hindu
Osman A servant of God Muslim
Oula First Muslim
Oushig The son of evening Hindu
Ovais A companion of the prophet (Saw) Hindu
Ovi Holy message of marathi saint Hindu
Ovin Hindu
Ovishkar Hindu
Oviyan Artist Hindu
Owais A companion of the prophet (Saw) Muslim
Owaisi Brave, Gifted talented Muslim
Owaisy Brave, Gifted talented Muslim
Ozhan Thrower Muslim