Baby Names

The first letter of a name has a significant impact on a female's life and is also related to her gender nature. The initial letter of a name can positively influence a female's life, and it can reveal her characteristics or shortcomings. The first letter of a name has both positive and negative effects on all aspects of a female's life. This is why, when choosing a name for a baby, special consideration is given to the initial letter of their name. While all letters in a name hold significance, the first letter is regarded as the most influential. It is believed that the letter with which your name begins carries the highest energy, encapsulating the essence of your personality. The difficulties, challenges and opportunities that come in the life of Girl can be detected with the first letter of its name. Not only this, the skills and successes of Girl are also estimated from the first letter O of the name.To know in relation to the future, the prophets first ask the first letter of the name of Girl such as O. After this, we study intensively on it. From this you can guess how important the first letter of the name is for your whole personality and life. Along with this, the future signs are also found from the first letter of the name of Girl. Therefore, to know how you are, what kind of thinking you think, how are thoughts, you can look at the first O of your name to know. The letter reveals information about the female's communication style, social interactions, anger levels, eloquence, work ethic, and more. All of this can be determined solely based on the contents of the letter.

Girl names starting with O with meanings

Name Meaning Religion
Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah Muslim
Odathi Refreshing Hindu
Oditi Dawn Hindu
Oeshi Divine, Rose Hindu
Oindrila (Another Name of the wife of Lord Indra) Hindu
Oishani Another name of young Goddess Parvati Hindu
Oishi Divine, Rose Hindu
Oja Vitality Hindu
Ojal Vision Hindu
Ojala Light, Sunshine Muslim
Ojasvi Bright Hindu
Ojaswani All day singing Hindu
Ojaswi Bright Hindu
Ojaswini Lustrous Hindu
Ojaswita Bright brightness, A person symbolic of brightness Hindu
Olevia Like olive Hindu
Oma Life giver Hindu
Omaira Star Hindu
Omaja Result of spiritual unity Hindu
Omala Earth Hindu
Omana A woman Hindu
Omera Great personality Muslim
Omi Hindu
Omisha Smile, Goddess of birth &death Hindu
Omkareshwari Goddess Parvati, Gauri Hindu
Omkari Religious word Om Hindu
Ommata Girl slave Muslim
Omvati Sacred, Having the power of Om Hindu
Omysha Smile, Goddess of birth &death Hindu
Onaifa Dignified Muslim
Onalika Image Hindu
Oni Shelter Hindu
Onima Analysis Muslim
Oopajai Dwell, Reside Sikh
Oorja Energy, Affectionate, Daughter, Nutrition, Breath Hindu
Oraida Eloquent Muslim
Oriana French, Rising Sun, Gold, Dawn
Orpita Offering Hindu
Orwiya Female mountain goat Muslim
Orzala Brightness of fire Muslim
Oshee Divine Hindu
Oshma Summer season Hindu
Oshmi Personality Hindu
Ovia Painting, Artist, Beautiful drawing Hindu
Oviya Painting, Artist, Beautiful drawing Hindu
Oyshee Divine, Rose Hindu
Ozra Virgin, Virgin Mary Muslim
Ozza A baby fawn Muslim